Thursday, January 19, 2012


First there was the teaparty which was almost a subsidiary of the
Republican party; we don't have much of a connection with Occupy
- N. Pelosi



The Author of SOPA Is a Copyright Violator

                   The Author of SOPA Is a Copyright Violator


Bury your guns message

Tails of the Gun

Buried Treasure


Okay, this isn't the video I'm wanting to tell you about, but it's close enough.  Two Sunday's ago I was watching some network show, on CBS I think,  when this (similar) commercial came on.  It talked about storing your china, silverware, etc,  in their underground safe, but the whole while the video shows a guy buring his stash of rifles,  guns, and rocket launchers (joke).  Here the  dialog was of  "intruders breaking into your home, searching for valuables ... ."  It was clear to me that this guy was burying guns as protection against gummint seizure.  I made a mental note to look the company up, but didn't write it down, so ... you know. Anyway, I think it's a remarkable social commentary on several levels.  That's all.

Hey Mister ...

Before e-Harmony, Facebook and other social networking,
this is how they met new men, and we liked it that way.


Win a Free Holiday - Whoops

Win a Dream Holiday


Apple Terlet

Perfect Gizmos and Gadgets
I shoulda invented that
Of Course. *smacks head*


Mama's Boy

Mama's Boy


Boris died in the barracks that same night, after receiving a fatal wedgie from comrade comrades.

Hollywood Pisses on Teh One

"We bought that weasel wetback. He owes us!"


Even Euros Are Protesting (This one from Spain)

Internet sites on their SOPA-Strike may be conducting a blackout but Hollywood studios are conducting a boycott. I’ve learned that Hollywood studio chiefs individually and as a group are drawing a line in the sand on the piracy issue with the Obama re-election campaign and refusing to give any more donations.  The blowup came after President Obama on Saturday dashed moguls’ hopes that he would remain on the sidelines in the dispute over the U.S. House Of Representatives’ Stop Online Piracy Act and the U.S. Senate’s Protect IP Act. - Deadline Hollywood

When his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness proposed " many ideas that are considered to be conservative in nature, including several that have already passed in the Republican-controlled House as jobs bills," Obama demurred.  "Obviously This Year Is An Election Year," he reminded them.   Which is telling (as if we needed to be told); Obama the highly principled communist knows when to fold and when to hold.  Such is the level of popular resistance to the Hollywood and Democrat Senate's SOPA and PIPA acts,  that he was forced to fold on them.  

I'm giggling like a little girl.

Just to annoy conservatives who continue to voice their displeasure about how Obama is just a Hollywood liberal and more of a star than an experienced politician, the city of Hollywood has decided to award President Barack Obama his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star.
    “We are very proud to honor our first ‘star’ President with a star among the stars of other celebrities. Our goal is to defend the honor of the Hollywood ‘star’ and not allow radicals to develop a negative connotation for the word,” said a representative for the city of Hollywood.  The Sarcasmist)

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