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Présentation de La Nouvelle-Saint Ann (FR)
Vi presenterar den nya Saint Ann (Swede)


The New Saint Ann (Barnhardt)

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Illegal Shaving?


Maryland My Christmas Tree


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Illegal Shaving

Maryland swim team retroactively loses county title because of bizarre shaving violation

A Maryland girls swimming team has had its county championship title retroactively stripped for one of the more bizarre retroactive punishments to come down in recent years: It was deemed that improper shaving had occurred

That's right, improper shaving. Not shaving points mind you, but shaving of body hair. And, as it turns out, if the unnamed player implicated had only shaved a couple hours earlier, she and her teammates would still have their county title.

The reason why the NFHS institutes a no shaving on-site policy is to protect the swimmers themselves from possible blood transmission or, in general, doing full body shaves in high school locker rooms, which would maximize the possibility of unsafe practices like sharing razors. 
[Full Absurdity]

My first instinct was to absolve Maryland of this nincompoopery, but no.  A hallmark of nanny-statism is the creation and enforcement of laws conducive to a risk-free, antiseptic world.  So, while this particular "illegal shaving" law may not seem to be their responsibly, it is.   We have by our votes,  created, coddled, and enabled a culture which has made these absurdities possible.  Blame then, lady swimmers, your Liberal state's policies for this loss.  And never-ever vote for a Democrat, so that others may live free of such fears and encumbrances.

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Muslums *snooze* Outraged

Muslums enraged; we genuflect
I have a modest suggestion


Res Ipsa Loquitur
A Modest Suggestion

More than 2,000 angry Afghans, some firing guns in the air, protested on Tuesday over the improper disposal of Qur’ans and other Islamic material at the U.S. base in Bagram north of Kabul.  U.S. Leaders Offer Abject Apologies to ‘the Noble People of Afghanistan’

Why is it that news of Muslum outrage makes me yawn?  This time caused  because some  Korans were inadvertently preserved in pig fat, or something.   When I see Muslms express outrage over12-year-old Christian schoolgirls being beheaded by Muslims—   because they are were Christian ( very graphic) , or express outrage when the Taliban rape and murder women (very graphic) because it suits them; then I'll then join with them in their rage.  Until then, I have a modest suggestion on how to handle these situations.  (Credit  to the British  army).

Liberals and OPM

Today's Liberal Culture "Duh"

Percentage of Americans who pay no tax hits 49.5...
Tax revenue plunges in UK after 50% rate implemented...

Seattle Scum

Uh - I don't think that was pepper spray Ms. Rainey

Res Ipsa Loquitur
  It looks more like Oil of Bocaqui
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Montgomery County, MD - Asshats

The Liberal elite


How did the television show begin? "There are eight million stories in the wretched county ...?"

I'm sure every state has a Montgomery County. You know, where the state's liberal elite live.  In Virginia it's Fairfax Co;  in Texas,  I'll guess whatever county Austin is in.  Anyway, almost all of Maryland's Liberal horror stories begin in our Montgomery County.  A collection of old money, but mostly new liberal wealth derived from government contract dependent businesses.  Where state tax lucre are disproportionally funneled to maintain very generous government services, exquisite school campi, and buried power lines. And stuff like this.
“Occupy MoCo!,” one of the newest courses at Montgomery College in Montgomery County, Md., is part of the Summer Youth program offered for 2012.

In his E-mail alert, El Jefe said  "I.m surprised this wasn't Prince Georges County."  No, PG County is more the liberal plantation to Montgomery's manor house.  They'd be more into drive-by shootings than something as civilized as college credit anarchy.

Res Ipsa Loquitur
What does this picture have to do with
Montgomery Co., MD? 


Perfect Gizmos and Gadgets

These were good enough for us,  and they're good enough for you!
we don't need no Google HUD glasses


The glasses are also expected to include a built-in low-resolution camera that could be employed in object and location identification. This would allow the glasses to overlay pertinent information about your surroundings—though there's are a bevy of privacy implications to be hashed out with everybody wearing, and potentially recording, everyone around them. "You will be able to check in to locations with your friends through the glasses," one Google employee added.

On the software side, the glasses will reportedly work with a large number of Google's services—including the Google cloud, Latitude, Goggles, and Maps—while displaying the information in a Heads-Up Display.

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