Monday, February 27, 2012


Listen Up Folks

Aw, forget this guy

Hitler's Mustache                  

Aw, forget this asshat.
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Mobile Nursing


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The closest male equivalent is ... what?   Maybe watching a football game on television while texting?   Let's face it, a man would have the kid in a saddlebag clutching a bottle.

Who's yur daddy?

                                                                  Blue Genes
Let's Try This ...

Lest you think I fiddled with the Malcom X photo, someone else did in the original (roll-over).  Same difference. 


The Humanity                        

We've all been there ...

It wasn't the princess that did the copping. Pentti Arajärvi, husband of Finland's president found himself seated next to quite lovely Princess Mary of Denmark. Nature ensued.

Pole Dancers. Also other Eastern Blockers

   Liberal Culture

Pole Dancer Ethic Hits It's Predictable Stride

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JFC, what's next?   Lap Dance Doll Doll?



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Ain't nobody of sound mind wanting a repeat of this disaster

Twaddle. We have a Secret Service protecting our presidents because they receive death threats.  While no statistics are ever released by the  U.S.S.S., I imagine that a man described by the WaPost as  "The most polarizing president. Ever." might generate certain fervors.  Even so, I am confident his race has zero to do with them.  ZERO.  His ongoing destruction of the United States might.  However, and as a matter of fact, most anti-bamas are scared to death of him being assassinated, because of the Kennedy effect (an otherwise bumbling president raised high by "martyrdom").   Ain't nobody looking forward to The Obama Center For The Kenyan Arts, or BHB Airports.  No Americans anyway. Especially since  he has only months left in his one term. Oh, and it would be against the law!

TCEQ Complaint Report

David Cousins had been leasing out a hunting cabin and allowing the hunters to defecate in the woods

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This is a portion of an actual complaint received by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality:

INITIAL PROBLEM: On 03/09/2010 a complaint was received at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Waco Regional Office. The complaint alleges that David Cousins had been leasing out a hunting cabin and allowing the hunters to defecate in the woods. It also alleged that there is no restroom and Mr. Cousins is planning to extend plumbing into a creek next to the cabin. The cabin is located at 2785 FM 1246 E., Thornton (Limestone County), Texas 76687-2536. (fb/ks)

-This is the full resolution to the matter, after much nattering about.

RE: TCEQ Incident No. 136926

Dear Tim,

We have had some delay in our investigation of the incidents alleged in the complaint which you kindly forwarded to us. The problem is, we have recently had a rash of reports of cows, horses, sheep and goats defecating at will in pastures throughout the county. On top of this, we suspect that wild hogs, deer and all sorts of other animals are defecating without even trying to find a proper facility. In addition, I have personal proof on my windshield of a mischievous bird defecating in flight. The culprit flew away but I did get a description. It was red. The gift it left was white.

In order to complete our investigation, I must ask, should we inquire into urination, or only defecation? I strongly believe that both are taking place, since hunters have long been suspected of taking a good amount of liquid refreshments with them into the woods. Also, we are collecting samples of the activities of these diabolical defecating reprobates. Should we send these to you, or directly to Austin?

Lastly, please allow us to to handle this at the local level, and do not involve the federal government. When it comes to matters of excessive defecation, Washington bureaucrates would only add to our misery.

"Don't mess in Texas."

Very truly yours,

Daniel Burkeen
County Judge
Limestone County    (full report)

   R.W. Forsythe

Smells fishy to me

Papa Nancy il Fregna: Catholic Church Secretly Wants Govt Contraception

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the Catholic Church wants the federal government to enforce contraception because the church, by default, has failed to do so.

"Ninety-eight percent of women in childbearing age that are Catholic use contraception,” Pelosi, a Catholic (CINO), said in a speech at Texas A&M University in College Station.

“So, in practice, the church has not enforced this, and now they want the federal government and private insurance to enforce it. It just isn't consistent to me," a report quotes the California Democrat as saying.

Americans should pray for successful implementation of President Barack Obama's mandate that insurance companies provide healthcare plans with contraception, including sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs, Pelosi said.

Well the Catholic Church has certainly been lax by not excommunicating Pelosi, et ilk.

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Obama, papier-mache asshat

Obamissariat News

During Dubya Bush's presidency,  Democrat controlled  media worked overtime  portraying him as a shoot-first, aim-later threat to world peace.  The result was a black eye for us, and backlash against US tourists (eagerly reported by that same fraternity).  From the get-go however, and certainly with no influence by our state owned media, Europe independently  recognized what local rubes have not about Obama.  Below,  examples from Cologne Germany's recent Rose Monday Carnival.

Rose Monday Carnival Preview In Cologne

Rose Monday Carnival Preview In Cologne

Rose Monday Carnival Preview In Cologne
Obama was a favorite  Gegenstand des Spotts (Objet de ridicule), being  featured in several of the papier-mache satires.  Here he blows fart  in the face of the statue of liberty while he welcomes  Muslum terrorist and other diseased third world immigrants.  Obama giving money to China’s President Hu Jintao were part of a procession float seen during a preview in Cologne February 9th.
Here, he's with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is seen pulling a Trojan horse while he sits on the fence.

But wait, there's more Obama "art" in teh news.  I Own The World has discovered this sketch,  executed by student Obama  in 1980.  I report, you decide.