Friday, March 23, 2012

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Today's "How Hard Can It Be?"

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Kill Rush

Hitler's Mustache               

But a song that openly calls for the killing of Rush Limbaugh apparently doesn't offend YouTube or Facebook, in the least.

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  • mjazz

    So THIS is what  Islam and the left have in common:
    Killing those who disagree with you.

  • dfhall

    This is scary sick stuff.  This is what we are up against in this country and our President is one of them.

  • bubbasixpack

    Us versus Them.  Lock and load.

  • Ronald Barbour

    Memo: Must buy more AMMUNITION!

  • jackiestbird

    I suggest you pay attention to your "own" then. Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, David Letterman, Alex Baldwin. police your OWN FIRST LIBERAL COMMIE


Swimmin Eagle

Say Rodge -
Show me sumpin
I ain't never seen


Tom Mann

More is better, Double Barrel .45


Your Daily Kool-Aid

Position Your Barf Buckets
"He will not dwell on blame," or dreamy idealism"
Complete with embedded commentary

Abandoned Police Station

Abandoned police staion in Highland Park, MI


Click for more pictures

Here's a 10 minute documentary about this abandoned police staion in Highland Park, MI.  I can't believe some of this stuff hasn't  been carted off over twenty years.

nigger nigger nigger

            —   you berk

                   CNN reporter uses word ‘nigger’ on live TV

Watch this clip and tell me if there is any sign whatever of Drew Griffin maliciously using a racial epitaph.  No?  Then where are we at?  Not even last week's accidental airing (by CNN) of a black rap song with the lyrics "nigger, nigger, nigger ..." was racist.  Embarrassing?  Yes, but not racist.  The only racist use of the word I've ever heard from a public figure, in the past 30 years, was when (ex- KKK member) Sen. Robert Byrd proclaimed, on Fox Sunday News, that he's known  "many a white nigger."  That clearly met all of the preconditions of intentional, and incendiary racism,  by conferring lower status on whites by calling them black.  The Democrat Party's condescending "use" of blacks for political gain is far, far more racist.  And it's ongoing.  If you pay attention, the only use of the word racist comes from Liberals.  They use it as a weapon. Sheesh.

ASIDE: Weiner affords us ample opportunity to congratulate ourselves on how much progress we’ve made.

Love Story gone wrong, dissed.

            —   you berk.   

Res Ipsa Loquitur

This berk obviously misses the point.  It resonates because everyone here has had exactly that same experience!  Sheesh  (I was the 13 year old.  Her parents, 3 Boy Scouts and a Good Humor man. .  You?) .