Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shooter Sandwich


Shooter Sandwich w/ bacon and Swiss
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Tim W

Why not Christine Todd Whitman?

The Humanity                        

  Stab me in the feckin liver why doncha?
Poll of the Day: Republicans like Condi as VP

A Sweet Moment

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Home Brewm

Perfect Gizmos and Gadgets

Home Brewm
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 Beating the man!

Not His Fault

            —   you berks.   

                     PETA criticizes adults who fed Obama ‘Bo’s cousin’

Animal rights group PETA says President Barack Obama should get a pass for his history of eating dogs because he was a child at the time — but the adults who fed it to him should be killed and eaten (paraphrased).
Referencing Obama’s dog Bo, Dao of PETA added: “PETA would like every American to try to relate to who’s on their plate, whether Bo’s cousin or Babe’s, as all animals once had a face and feelings.”
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Lounge Lizards

Lounge lizards

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This picture of a retirement home lounge lizard beminded me of 1983's very unappreciated "Baby It's You."  I loved it, and loved Rosanna Arquette for years afterward. Vincent Spano was superb as the lizard.

The dngo ate my baby!

"Dibs on the Paw!"

The Great Escape

The Great Escape

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UFO over DC?


From a friend that lives near you!- Tim W

T. Mann

Obama's Dinner Fights Back

Mad Men
Quick to jump on a good meme ...
 Obama's Dinner Fights Back