Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will Smith. Hollywood.

Sacre bleu! D'où vient cette tête de pénis vient-il?

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Barney Franks Debut

Most Bizarre Thing of the Day Ever

Dem fundraiser honors 25th anniversary of Rep. Barney Frank's coming out

Barney Frank Comes Out- Everyone surprised

Do Democrats have any sense of propriety? rhetorical  This is the man who almost single-handedly sent the United States, and the world for that matter, into insolvency, and you celebrate for him saying what  everyone  already knew


what to do now that it's out?

Advanced System Care

Avast me hearties! I've Zoned out.

When I booted up this morning there was yet another Zone Alarm pop-up trying to sell me something.  That, along with what has become a very slow start up process led me to Google "Zone Alarm alternatives."  That led me Major The first freeware on their list is Advanced System Care.  I watched the above video.  I sprang. (Don't take the FREE SCAN - it's an ad selling something else)

Something you should know.  I've used CC Cleaner to clean trash and fix registry problems for years.  In fact, I do the registry scan daily and have a zero tolerance, so I always leave with "No problems."  That's something you can't do, I'll wager; the typical computer will have about a million problems listed.  I also use AVAST, and they annoy me with pop-ups that tell me they updated me every two hours, it seems.  If you turn the auto update off, you'll miss the notice that your license has expired and the Windows Security deal will threaten to kill you.

I spent about three hours running every module available.  Where CC Cleaner found no problems, ASC found several hundred.  Around this time I decided to spring for the $12.95 and get the  Pro version, which only offers a few additional tasks, but I wanted them.  Then I removed Zone Alarm and AVAST.  My start-up time went from about 3 hours to about 60 seconds. 

I thought you should know. Yes, I know you have something better, but I don't care.  Although others might.