Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Here; The New Heroic Americans
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This is almost too rich. The article "Texas college hacks government drone" is not found by it's original link.  Fortunately, I have a copy, which you can read HERE.

What goes around did not come around

Meet At the BARN!


                                   Bad Judges

So the mandate is constitutional. Chief Justice Roberts
joins the left of the Court.

The bottom line: the entire ACA is upheld, with the exception that the federal government's power to terminate states' Medicaid funds is narrowly read.

Decisonmas is NOW!

What goes around .... ?

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Okay.  I'm ready.  And. I haven't been so worried about anything since Hillary looked like she'd be the 2008 presidential candidate, instead of that zero named Obama — who hadn't a chance in hell to win, and neither did she. nbsp; I'm saying a rosary.  Y'all follow your own custom.  I'm including the picture below ["Removing a rusted chastity belt"] because its symbolic of what happens when your masters don't trust you, and try to control you with evil devices like Obamacare.  And, it made me laugh.

PS SCOTUS BLOG is on the scenr:


Comment From Guest  
will the court post the opinion online immediately? will you? TG: We will get the electronic copy from them; we have the hard copy before. We will repost to try and help with server load.
Amy Howe: 
To answer a follow-on question about the Plain English explanation, yes, there is also the so-called Medicaid coercion issue -- whether Congress can require the states to comply with the law's new requirements for eligibility for Medicaid or risk losing all of their funding for Medicaid. But the main issue that most people are focusing on is the mandate.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Decisionmas Morning

Predictions for this morning ...
"I hope ... someone on television cries. My guess is Ed Schultz ..."

[Today] is Obamacare Decisionmas. Don’t act like you haven’t been waiting for this moment all your life. Or, at least, you’ve been waiting for the endless whining to – please, God, make it stop – from the left to abate,

  1. SCOTUS strikes down individual mandate in a 5-4 decision, but keeps the full law pending it’s actual enforcement, a la Arizona. It’s likely the Attorneys general only have the capacity to sue on the single issue of state-based expenditures.
  2. John Roberts writes, because that’s what John Roberts does. And he’s a smarty pants, and he hasn’t managed to eek out an opinion since May.
  3. Scalia concurs, but writes his own lengthy opinion, determining that the whole thing should be trashed on Commerce Clause grounds, despite having the exact opposite opinion in Gonzalez v. California.
  4. Ginsberg writes the dissent on paper that has been caressed by Breyer’s tears. Sotomayor and Kagan concur. 

"In addition, I hope, if the mandate goes down,"
  • someone on television cries. My guess is Ed Schultz, but I’d be willing to extend that guess to Andrew Sullivan, though that’s more of an outside bet.  


Via Gerard:, Naked DC Blog, the most delicious thing I've found in some time: (based on a this single entry).  Is that the best opening ¶ you've ever seen, or what?  [-- Predictions for tomorrow morning] I'm atremble in anticipation..