Monday, July 09, 2012

The Gosh Particle

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You "Know Nothing!”

While the significance of [Hoggs Boson] cannot be overstated or clearly explained, there remain a number of currently theoretical particles that are maybe not as important as HigBo, but are still very fundamental to our understanding of how the universe works and how research grants are distributed. [full article]

The very short significance of finding the God Particle is that every single thing you thought you knew about the universe is wrong.  Man-caused climate-change excepted, of course.

As an aside, and a quite appropriate one; the Gosh Particle may explain how the wretched people we call Liberals were able to portal their way into our existence, and offer the key to booting than back to hell.

4 Things

Res Ipsa Loquitur
 4 Things
Res Ipsa Loquitor

It doesn't take much to amuse ne, thank goodness.  The one about The Staggeringly Stupid Debbie Wasserman I got from Larwyns's Lynx - he has way more.

But, what about the perp walk?

Formal complaint seeks disbarment of Eric Holder in DC

Today's boner- Daphne Tremayne


Today's E-Mail


(Actual E-Mail)

Dear Mr. Polluter,

You people need to learn a thing or two about Global Warming. Everyday living is destructive to the Environment. One of the most important ways people can help save the environment is to STOP HAVING BABIES. Another very important thing you can do is to euthanize your pet. Our company sells Carbon Credits which are the only hope of saving the planet.

For the sake of the planet, we need to act before it’s too late.

Please visit our company's website for more information.

Daphne Tremayne
Vice President, Public Relations

Suggested actions to save the planet include
  • Stop Having Children
  • If You Must Have Children, Buy Baby Credits
  • Slow Down Your Breathing
  • Reduce Your Use of Paper Products
  • Euthanize Your Old Pet
  • Only Purchase Books in a Downloadable Format
  • Purchase Carbon Credits From GreenTremayne
Bullet points one would expect from any Al Gore scam letter, but here's what we know.
  1. Any serious aficionado of the sensual romantic novel will recognize the name Daphne Tremayne, which is why Helly came to mind.
  2. While Daphne bears a striking resemblance to Helly ( long standing C&S lesbian commenter), she also looks like Recruiter Talk's Annie Kelly.
  3. Aside: (Molly and Annie Kelly are now friends)
  4.  GreenTremayne's Daphne shares an East Hampton phone number (631 871-9960) with Felicia Cantillo, aka  "The Gem Gypsy"
  5. Vincent Tremayne, president of GreenTremayne, has also performed as Senior Vice President- Circuit City
  6. Terrance Trimalchio, Executive Consultant, Special Projects, has also been associated with deCONSTANTIN & Associates (Australia)
Again, while this could be a real attempt by Al Gore to sell his carbon credit scam, I'm thinking  the work of Helly, or Doug M. It's brilliant, and I am so jealous.LMFAO, whoever you are.

Climate Freaks Stool Samples

                      —   you berks.   

Sunday Stool Sample

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Res Ipsa Loquitor

  George Will On Climate Change: It's Just Summer ... Weather isn't global warming! -
George Will's Pathetic Climate Change Response
55 minutes ago from The Huffington Post on iOS

RT : #Green George Will's Pathetic Climate Change Response: George Will discussed the latest heat waves plaguing the ...   
George Will's Pathetic Climate Change Response
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Res Ipsa LoquitorRes Ipsa Loquitor

sheesh! No gray area here.  Somebody's a very stupid asshat.