Monday, October 01, 2012

His Lips Are Moving?


Obama's poker tells
When Obama is Lying

Talk show hosts love when the president gives one of his very rare press conference or any other occasion when he is off prompter. That is when these "tells" surface, giving all veteran Obama observers the verbal heads-up that the president has entered the land of thinly disguised fantasy or obvious dissembling.

First, the president begins a pattern of "ahs" and "uhmms" which are as embarrassing as they are revealing. The awkward pausing punctuated by these semi-stutters increases in frequency as the president senses his own flailing about.

Next, the president begins filibustering. His average length of answer in every press conference is already epic, but he has been getting worse as the presidency has dragged on. Pressers are not battles between the "reporters" and the president. Very few not named Jake or Ed bother the president with fastballs. The struggle is simply between the president and the effort he has to land the plane anywhere near where it took off, so far does he wander as he rambles through the minutes he is obliged to spend appearing to take questions.

The president will allegedly be subject to time limits on Wednesday night, but his contempt for most such rules almost guarantees he will blow through every limit and dare the moderator or Mitt Romney to challenge him. [Hugh Hewitt cont]

The media are up to the task, if the past is any indication.  Four years ago Steve Kroft interviewed candidate Obama on Sixty-Minutes

KROFT: But what is there specifically about you? You mentioned disposition. You mentioned disposition. What skills and traits do you have that would make you a good president?

Obama's stumbling, bumbling answer to this, and other questions,  were so telling about this vapid little man left unscripted,  that Sixty-Minutes later doctored the transcript.



Today's Douch Bag


Utterly Useless

Obama Land

Romney's Best Commercial Ever!


Helpless, Useless Takers v. The United States

"Brutal new Obama ad features Mitt Romney and the 47 percenters" WaPost

Res Ipsa LoquitorI spent Sunday watching football, which means I saw this video about 60 times.  What am I missing?

  Every time I saw it,  I found myself loving Romney even more. Well, loving him. I mean, he's talking about how 47% of the nation  are government dependents.  Even if you are a - damn, I forgot what Helly called them—again—(the note I made is missing). Even if you are a slave to the Nanny State, a willing frog in a boiling pot, it's not something you want to admit.  So who is Obama targeting with this commercial?  A bunch of people who got free cell phones, that's who.  Who identifies with them?  Romney's right;  he will never get their vote, which is why everyone else admires his stance.  Right?  What am I missing? 

Do you think it's really as bad as 47 per cent?  Mother of God.


Tails of the Gun                                    

A little commie toad and his toy

  Sadly, our gun girl—the best ever gun girl of all time— is also a commie.  Wait.  Maybe she's Ukrainian!  Or Polish!!  Yes, that's it.  USA UAS USA!

Oh geez.  It turns out Obama sold our idea to the commies. Another reason to impeach the SOB.


Night of the Living Pelosi

Night of the Living Pelosi