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CNN poll magically tightens as calendar turns... ^

In light of the access that many voters are seeking to the candidates, the town hall debate format may be a more validate forum because real people asks real questions. ..... Presenting the public controversy, not truth, seems to be the focus of the news coverage. The moderators are just another part of that system of manipulation of the public.
New York Times
Who's kidding whom?  The fantastical CNN and Gallup presidential polls have become something  of a punch line on DRUDGE.  The moderator for the Town Hall style debate is CNN's Candy Crowley.  (CBS's sycophant Bob Schieffer does the third)

 The meeting participants will be selected by by Gallup. Is it a stretch to think that organization will use the same oversampling of Democrats that they use to generate their ersatz poll results?   Of course not; it's a slam dunk that they will.

The role of debate moderator, in Democrat eyes, is manifested by the  heat Jim Lehrer is taking for "allowing" Mitt to trample poor Barry in the first debate.  The moderator's job then  is to make the Democrat look good.  Period. The New York Times is now telling us that the Town Hall debate is the valid format because (cough*cough) "moderators are just another part of that system of manipulation of the public."  Egad.

In fact, the Town Hall debate is ideally suited to generate the "Mr. Romney, have you quit beating your wife?" question.  Think I'm kidding?  Democrats are desperate. Earlier this week we learned that an NAACP official, who refuses to back Obama,  received a "we know where your kids go to school" warning from Team Obama.  The orders have been issued - Obama must be perceived to have evened the score, and it will be so reported.

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