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A Case of the 'Zactlys

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-All Suspicions Confirmed. Obama was not elected.

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                               Boehner to Obama: ‘This is your moment,’
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Crime Family Ties

Crime Family Ties

From my perspective, I do see certain parallels in Obama's unlikely reelection to Bill Clinton's in 1996.  My perspective, then and now, is that both were so manifestly unfit for office, and so massively liars in thrall of foreign money, that the public would come to that sense and reject them.  I misjudged in both cases.  Now Obama, like Clinton before him, will begin ACT II with scandals ready to erupt.

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Res Ipsa Loquitor
Slick Willy

Barry What's His Name
Charges of sexual harassment, and in Paula Jones's case, rape, were persistently dragged into  public light by Matt Drudge.  The media were unprepared for this challenge to their stranglehold on real news, so  they sputtered and  stuttered into disarray.

 All this would lead to precedent setting court decisions that forced a sitting President Clinton into a civil suit, and giving a deposition under oath.  He lied under that oath, of course, and you know the rest. He was impeached by a Republican House and let loose by Senate RINO and Democrats in the Senate.  But, he was branded a felon, and was forced to relinquish his law license for a period of time

He is now a  heroic figure and fund raiser for Obamericans.


 Massive lies to cover up the fact that Obama himself  made the decision to allow an Ambassador and then US ground forces to be butchered by, in all likelihood, al-Qaeda forces he was supplying with Libyan arms he controlled.

The Clinton precedent makes it easier for either the Smith or Wood family to file a civil suit against Obama for wrongful (very wrongful) death of their sons.  If it happens, Obama will be forced into a deposition, and he will lie.  Even if it doesn't happen, the public battle will show that Obama has in no way acted in the best interest of the US.  If no civil suit id brought, then it remains for the House of Representatives to impeach Obama.

Clinton's reelection was by no means certain.  Campaign adviser Dick Morris devised a plan to run under the radar anti-Dole messages by the ton in media markets that were not monitored by the national media (even if they had wanted to know).  All  this cost tons of money of course, and Clinton-Gore received all they needed from the Chinese.  By election day, because of  unanswered charges made by those commercials, Bob Dole's name was mud in the hinterlands.

Obama's reelection was so improbable after mountains and mountains of failure,  and accruing a massive debt that none of us alive today will see paid, that Republican chickens were being counted very early in the game.

In the meanwhile, ala Clinton, and using scads of unreported cash (that he was getting unreported money was reported)  Axelrod ran tons of unanswered ads like this, even before Romney was officially nominated. By election day Romney's  name was mud in  battleground hustings.

In the aftermath of  their reelection, a Republican controlled  House and Senate held hearings on the Clinton-Gore campaign's acceptance of illegal Chinese cash, and  quid pro quo transfer of US missile technology to the PRC.

Democrats obstructed at every turn, and thanks to inept handling of the Senate inquiry by  GOP Sen. Fred  "I'm only a hero on film" Thompson; and Dem Sen. John Glenn's violation of his oath of office, and subsequent  obstruction, the hearings only led to— that's right.  Another campaign finance law!

Obama faces a Republican controlled House that is already making noise about his support of "Arab Spring,"  and  radical  Islam's agenda.  He will never really have to answer for these charges, because Democrats , as they did for Clinton, will obstruct all the way.  Nevertheless, facts will go on the record,  and who knows, maybe some of the media will report them. 

All this may possibly (although unlikely) make the asshats who elected him realized just how insanely stupid they have been. 

Hillary Clinton went on to be elected to the Senate and serve as Obama's Sec/State,  and partner in the worst foreign policy decisions  (if you're not a Moslem) in American history
Michelle Obama says she has no current plans to run for president.

I could write 100,00 more words on all this—well actually no.  I don't have the patience, nor disciple to write a history book.  Plus, to what end?  It is a matter of  recorded fact that women , who in violation of natural law are given the vote, don't read, or if they do, only comprehend that which pulls at heartstrings  The other large voter block responsible for both reelections don't  speak English.