Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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Funny Men and 2 Psychopaths
Res Ipsa LoquitorLast week  I searched Netflix for "something funny to make me forget we're  governed by a bunch of cocksuckers who remind me of Lenin, Stalin and Hitler in a bad mood."  I got a list of comedians.

Bill Burr had three entries, which I more or less enjoyed.  I think mainly because he reminds me of  Joe "Otis" McMurray, a friend and erstwhile room-mate, and his Rockaway Beach pals; and the Micks I grew up with in Chicago. Passionate, profane and funny, when they want to be.   Still, I stop short of recommending him because his manic presentation style,  filthy mouth and wtf? moments could be off-putting.  Twern't for me, but ...

Res Ipsa LoquitorAnother was  John Pinette whom I love love love, so I was pleased to find a new video.  Problem is that he seemed somehow less funny. He was once a huggable chubby, funny as hell  fat boy obsessed with eating Italian food. Now that he's  approaching fifty, he reminded me at times as being corpse-like corpulent— and not quite as funny.  He was a "clean" comic as I remember; now he's now using more than a smattering of filthy language. Unsettling because he doesn't need it.

Jim Norton  started out okay with this clip. He went on to almost make me puke.  I mean that; this is one sick bastard. This guy is a sick psychopathic SOB.

I had never heard of Todd Glass. After about five minutes I was quite taken by his style, content, and delivery.  Loaded with stuff you hope to remember, and pass off as your own,  Give him a try (still adult language, but it comes "naturally."  I gave him FIVE STARS.

Somehow included in the list was Sexy Beast The only reason I started watching was - guess?   That's right. "Sexy"  But, there was nothing sexy at all about this movie.  Ben Kingsly (Gandhi) is great as the psychopathic psychopath  putting together a team to break into an unbreakable-into bank.  This develops into a taut drama and I recommend it with a caveat about filthy f'n language.  Stick with it through the seemingly WTF? beginning.

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