Sunday, December 30, 2012

Whadda ya think ma? Don't know Pa.

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I don't usually get an erection lasting more than four hours but when I do, I go to this Web Site

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What the hell, we already knew that.

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Hawaii State Registrar Alvin Onaka Certified Obamas Birth Certificate Is A Forgery 

I told MoSup about this and she sad "If DNA proof surfaced that Obama was Adolf Hitler the result would be the same.  Nothing"

She's right.  Tim Adams's affidavit, aside from the interwebs, didn't even make the news.  Still, a   Lee Harvey Oswald type (God forbid) could probably run a pretty solid "home invasion. defense.

Keryy, Howard and Barry

Douchbag Memories

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Tailgunner Dick left a comment the other day about John Kerry that, while possibly apocryphal,  still has me laughing.

About 9 years ago, Querrie & Tuhrayza cut in front of a line of diners waiting for a table, and when some guy objected Querrie said

"Do you know who I am?"
The guy looked for a moment, then said "Aren't you that gigolo from Massachusetts?"

Still my all-time favorite squelch though is this about Howard Cosell.

Howard was taking the Amtrak back to New York after doing Monday Night Football in Philadelphia.  As he entered the very crowded bar car he was coat grabbed by a man;

"Howard?  Howard Cohen? (Cosell's original surname)

The guy looked vaguely familiar, but Cosell couldn't place him.

Tom Smith, offered the man.  Remember?  From NYU?

Howard remembered and shook the man;s hand.

"My god Howard, you look good.  So, what the hell have you been doing since school?"

And there's this, possibly apocryphal anecdote from when Barack Obama was running for the Senate in 1992.  He was approached by a man on Chicago's Halsted Street who seemed to know him?  The man sidled up to him and whispered "I need two dime bags."