Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh Lawdy, We Saved! ......... right?

Oh My

  Bad Judges               

Time Bomb?
Indeed, but not the way Will thinks.

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Actual problem#1

The initial reaction by many stunned conservative to the court decision that upheld Obamacare was— Roberts is a genius!"  He was of course nothing of the sort.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that his decision was more a slap at Justice Scalia, because he pushed too hard for calling find the entire law unconstitutional. Which it obviously is.   So, instead of casting his lot with the four justices who, as a rule live within the written constitution they are sworn to uphold, Roberts went with the four, two of them appointed by Obama, who almost never stay in bounds.

 George Will here revisits the genius tract, writing The time bomb in Obamacare?   Have at it, but here's the part that really grabbed me.
This did not, however, doom the ACA because Roberts invoked what Lambert calls “a longstanding interpretive canon that calls for the court, if possible, to interpret statutes in a way that preserves their constitutionality.” Roberts did this by ruling that what Congress called a “penalty” for not obeying the mandate was really a tax on noncompliance.

I don't know where this longstanding canon came from, but the Warren Court sounds about right.  This "canon" then explains why the court NEVER flat-out slams the door on anything.

In the end, Will leaves his readers with another quaint notion.

Republicans will ferociously resist exacerbating the nation’s financial crisis in order to rescue the ACA.

Sure they will.

The Second Bowel Movement?

The Second Coming ... but, of what?

What can I say? Something that this Newsweak "The Second Coming" article does say about Evan Thomas is he still can't find gainful employment with any pulp still being published (outside of by some lefty blog).

 I seriously think that after Drudge somehow got into Newsweek's computer in 1998, found his  embargoed Monica Lewinsky shocker, and scooped him big time!— I seriously believe he began a journey  into insanity.  He's arrived.

Something I must now reconsider is Obama's "666" credentials.  In 2010 I expressed my feeling that he fell short of expectations, but now?  If there is an anti-Christ, it very well could be he, leaving the likes of Stalin, Lenin and Hitler as  mere archangels of this dark presence. Bill Clinton is still the anti-Christ's John the Baptist.  (Only Jesuits understand any of this).