Friday, February 08, 2013

How about "Stop Commintting Crime?"

Negro Dressed In KKK Hood On Street Corner Sparks Controversy In Philadelphia

Res Ipsa Loquitor

The man, who stood on the corner of 13th and Filbert on Tuesday, is not out to lynch or kill black people. In fact, he is black.

Thirty-five-year-old Sixx King says he’s using the offensive symbol to highlight a serious problem: black on black crime.

“We’re bringing awareness to the black hypocrisy, complacency and apathy in the African-American community,” said King.

According to the FBI, in 2011 more than 7,000 black people were killed. King’s sign reads that the KKK killed 3,446 blacks in 86 years, while black on black murders surpass that number every six months. [Full nonsense]

Now, what does this evoke?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

AND—Unless you were born in Africa, and immigrated, you are not an African American.  Don't say a word Obama.

Tom Smith

Annika and Barnaby

   At The Cinema                           

It's Murder

I haven't spoken of it, but Midsomer Murders has been, along with Top Gear re-runs, my go-to feel-good entertainment source.  Like Doc Martin (which series MoSup has now watched twice), it's holding power
over me has much to do with the ensemble of regular characters, and interesting if somewhat obtuse murder mysteries, and understated humor.. 

But that's not what this is about.   Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter is (I love the name Annika). But, just when I got to where I couldn't get enough of it, it was over.  Just six episodes.  Damn Damn Damn. 

Unlike the video sample, it's subtitled of course.  Unreliably so.  Is there anything worse than white or yellow subtitles against a white background?  Or black against black?  If the United Nations wants to do something useful, it ought mandate that all subtitles be yellow with black borders!  So there's that.  Sometimes the same subtitled dialog will stay on the screen  while a boatload of Swedegibberish is being spoken; and then,to catch up, the next four flash by in one second.

Don't matter. I loved it. 

Oh, and one more thing.  It seems that Sweden have sunshine laws that allow any citizen, at anytime, to look at the public records of any government employee, including the police.  I mean everything.  Annika is able to go to a clerk in the Swedish government and peruse an up-to-date elected politician's expense report, and submitted receipts.  Can you imagine?  Our politicians can, so you'll never see it here.


La la la la la .....

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Doug Ross posted The Top 152 Conservative Websites: February 2013, and frankly I was  stunned.   I was thinking  35th?  Maybe 112th?  But no, 152nd!  WTF?. 

Just two years ago I was doing 3000-4000 discreet hits per day; now down to half that.  And why?  A few nipples, some F-word and C-word bombs, and there went my prissier following.  A few misquotes; a faulty analysis or two, and bang!  I lose the flaky "Oh I expect a little accuracy and proper grammar" crowd.  You know who you are.  As Jesus said, "Let he  among you who have never linked to a pornish website take the first train out of Dodge."  For those who have faithfully stuck around, what the fuck are you thinking?  

Of course I'm just kidding.  This is just a neighborhood bar. While I do miss the legions of once faithful customers, now off to Facebook,  it is the nature of this blog that whatever it was that first attracted them in the first place, will  find it was just an anomaly, or found not enough of it.  Or maybe too much of it was just off the tracks?  Or maybe my untempered hostility towards anyone who voted for a Clinton, Gore, Kerry or Obama.  Or my bizarre sense of humor? Not Jusus-like to be sure. 

For the rest of youse guys,  free Flaming Moes all day! . And Doug Ross, you also get a Reuben sandwich on home made rye! Free.

Thanks to MM for his service.

When Glenn Reynolds speaks ...

A revolution in the works?
Glenn Reynolds
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Americans are out of sorts, and increasingly they're unhappy with the government. According to a Pew poll released last week, more than half of Americans view government as a threat to their freedom.
There are two possible ways to address this problem. One is to elect people that everyone trusts. The problem with that is that there aren't any politicians that everyone trusts -- and, alas, if there were, the odds are good that such trust would turn out to be misplaced.

And it's not just Republicans unhappy with Obama, or gun owners afraid that the government will take their guns: 38% of Democrats, and 45% of non-gun owners, see the government as a threat.

Add this to another recent poll in which only 22% of likely voters feel America's government has the "consent of the governed," and you've got a pretty depressing picture -- and a recipe for potential trouble. - [Glenn Reynolds cont]

  Reynolds suggests that the last best chance to avoid a bloody messy revolt is to call a constitutional convention. " Are we there yet? I don't think so. But we're getting closer all the time. Political class, take note."

God bless him for his optimism, no matter how muted, because I cannot for the life of me see any way that  a nation who elected Barack Obama could make political soup that wasn't more toxic than what we have.  The only hope of course is to appoint me benign dictator for just, say, 100 days.  You know I'm right.

Thanks to smibsid for the heads-up on this one.