Saturday, February 09, 2013

Coffee Patrol

La la la la la .....
Coffee patrol

Res Ipsa Loquitor
with delicious hazelnut cream substitute,  Mmmmmmmmmmm,

If you're a coffee brewing method-ist, move along, nothing to see here.  And I don't want to hear the ridicule.

Yesterday I happened upon an old leather valise, abandoned no doubt because the strap broke.  The contents were a clue to when I'd last used it.  1998.  I know that because inside were a Continental Airline boarding pass to Phoenix, and a Sedona hotel receipt.  Also, along with the usual  hotel shampoos, soaps, and remote control booty, were two packs of coffee.  Each packet (made by Mr. Coffee)  made "4 cups," which happens to be exactly what my cup holds.

I brewed one.

Holy crap!  It was  excellent. So good in fact that I went ahead and  did the second one. Yep.  Definitely better than today's coffee.  Especially since 100% Aribaca Bean. coffee have disappeared from planet grocery store. 

However, before making that second cup I weighed the contents—exactly ½ ounce. This morning I  weighed out exactly ½ ounce.of the Wal-Mart coffee we use, and brewed it up.  Guess what?  It was maybe even better! 

From this I will surmise that the key is in the measurement.  That sounds elementary, but I scoop by eye,  willy-nilly.  Normally I would have used half again that amount (my daughter-in-law Jen would use 6 times!). So there you have it.  You cannot go by the length of a man's thumb, you have to measure.

You're welcome

Hates saying the POA

Meet Mark Friedman
Today's California Asshat

Mark Friedman Look-alike

"I've always had problems with the Pledge of Allegiance," said Friedman, whose politics were shaped in the fiery days of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in his hometown, Chicago.

In his argument to end the custom, Friedman said that in a world without "liberty and justice for all," the pledge has lost its meaning. And in an interconnected global society, relationships between people have become more important than diplomatic ties between nation-states.

"We are one planet," Friedman said. [Allegiance to more than the flag]

His proposal failed, but ... .

Ben Carson to Obama

Doctor lectures Obama on America's crippling debt

Several years ago Dr, Ben Carson, already a world renowned surgeon at Johns Hopkins, saved the life of a friend's newborn daughter.  Here he is with Sean Hannity to explain why he felt compelled to speak out against the big government policies endorsed by Obama— in front of Obama! [The Blaze]


The Humanity                        

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Dartmouth campus police are, in the words of the College’s Media Relations department, “on the hunt for a student who allegedly verbally harassed two students.” The object of this manhunt stands accused of speaking faux-Chinese to two Chinese students.

Res Ipsa LoquitorIf captured, what will happen to the lout? According to the Media Relations Department, he could face expulsion. Other penalties could “include a mandatory sensitivity course or a paying a fine.” Such is life at a modern liberal arts college.

Meanwhile, Asch notes that members of an African-American fraternity who physically beat pledges are serving three terms (one-year) of social probation. Why wouldn’t social probation be sufficient punishment for the gibberish speaker? [Powerline]

Res Ipsa Loquitor This is something up with which we will not put!

Amazing Cure For AIDS!

Amazing Cure for SexuallyTransmittedDisease

Tommy Gun Smith

Election fraud numbers are in ....


The Voting Fraud Numbers Are In—

Res Ipsa Loquitor
As each state reported their final election details, the evidence of voter fraud is astounding. Massive voter fraud has been reported in areas of OH and FL, with PA, WI and VA, all are deploying personnel to investigate election results.
Here are just a few examples of what has surfaced with much more to come.
In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama
received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for
Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility).
In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of
the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their
polling locations – and not one single vote was recorded for Romney.
(Another statistical impossibility).

* In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only
98,213 eligible voters.
* In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered
eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.
* The National SEAL Museum, a polling location in St. Lucie
County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.
* Palm Beach County, FL had a 141% voter turnout.
* In Ohio County, Obama won by 108% of the total number of
eligible voters.
NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote. [The Voting Fraud Numbers Are In—and They’re Shocking!]

thoR! comments:
Makes me wonder how much longer the rest of us will continue to participate in playing this ridiculous game. It’s no longer about liberty and justice; it’s now about coercion.

Are you shocked?  I'm not shocked.  Election day 2012 was wall-to-wall filled with stories about ongoing election fraud in these very states.  I think it took, in total, less than two million strategically miscast votes to give Obama a victory. Many of   those battleground states were reported leaning Romney, not to mention polls that showed him winning handily. . 

 I recognize that the current administration has the power to crush me, but I do not recognize it as a legitimate government.  Obama is no more a legitimate president than he is native born.

UPDATE thooR writes "Thanks for posting this, while all of it seems to be true, the website that I gave you, that came from another chain email appears to come from a quack" .

My response,   If it's true it's true.

Some Dog and Pony Show

Best In Class

Trash Stuff

Talking Trash Here Boss
Res Ipsa Loquitor

So, here I am, early (very early) Saturday morning, doing a little cleaning (rearranging trash) in anticipation of MoSup's return later today.  Of course you know what happened. That's right, the friggen trash compactor crapped out.  I'm hoping someone has an idea, because I Googled till the cows came home and  nobody, evidently, has had this happen before. 
  1.  Started to compact
  2. Stopped making normal compact noise, but went into sounding like the gear is  just spinning but nothing is moving.
  3. I turn it off, but can't open it to see what's going on.
  4. Normally I would just pull it out and have access, but we had the kitchen remodeled and it appears the sumbitches built it IN  as if to stop al-Qaeda from breaching it's walls!

I think this is going to take a professional TC guy, but I thought I'd ask.

all creatures great and small

Oh My- Caused a Fart Bubble (ahem)