Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Musums behead Christians, yada yada


Christians beheaded in U.S.: Take 1 guess at suspect

Chis Christie? Bob Menendez? Frank Lautenberg?   Gee I'm stumped. What? *smacks head* A muslum. Go figure.

In other news:

Hamas-Goons@CAIR Missouri want to prosecute Americans who insult Islam…using sharia law

Hidey Holes

Secret Doors, Drawers & Gizmos

I want one of these! - Jim Tetzlaff
Me too, and fortunately I have the skill to make one, so I think I will.  Maybe I'll make a bunch and sell them.  If you live in Maryland—and don't go saying your state is worse, because it's not (check this out)—these will hardly hold the wolves at bay, but will provide quick access at night if someone comes barging into your home.   Right now I have to sleep with my sawed of Purdy two-barrel stuck down my under pants. I'm in constant fear the MoSup will blow my brains out one night.