Sunday, April 07, 2013

Not that it will matgter, but


If you were wondering if there is a “legitimate” reason to visit the Soylent Siberia website, the chart below is such a reason.  I saw this chart in its small version, then clicked to embiggenify, and found the diagram below.  Talk about damning evidence of the relationship between government and the “green energy” industry.  He got it from Hauntingthelibrary: (Note, if Soylent Siberia has this posted it's well hidden amongst the plethora of featured Labia majora et minora pudendi-a place where the most intrepid explorer will have trouble navigating. Ahem. )

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Venn Diagram Shows Connections Between “Green Energy” and Administration

Helpful for understanding how the vast sums of money washing around Washington explain the huge “loans” to Solyndra and other non-businesses. breaks it down for us.

Green energy lobbyists, investors, and speculators and their ties to the Obama and Clinton administrations.


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