Friday, April 12, 2013


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Virginia Man Creates Killer Ap to Capture
NorK High Command In One Fell Swoop!

Our own Tailgunner Dick! (Roll-Over)

Killer AP

This gives an all new meaning to bling. It's by no mere coincidence that their uniforms resemble Russian uniforms of the 1950s, and hats designed to make them look taller. Most metals and ribbons usually indicate campaigns where one fought, other theaters where one was stationed, or wounds received. Since they haven't been in any wars since 1950, then in their cases it must mean a lot of good conduct or present at roll call medals. Very impressive indeed. Must be much like Hollywood's awards. They are always presenting themselves with those awards because no one else will, and they desperately need some recognition. - via T.G. Dick

Emma Watson's Road to Lohan

On The Road to Lohan

Kim Jung Un's Secret Dong

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Kim Jong Un's Fantasy

Kim-Jong Un has earned his own template

Secret Misser

Res Ipsa Loquitor