Monday, June 10, 2013

Ruth Wins

What I See                                 

 Of Spooks
Res Ipsa Loquitor
Harry and Ruth, unfulfilled.

I just finished the 85th and last episode of Spooks.  Early on I began seeing parallels with  MASH.  You know, where the dominant left-wing nutters (Alan Alda) came to dominate the scripting.  SPOOKS episodes began to feature almost hilariously bizarre plots,  premises and other nincompoopery, in order to accommodate the vision.   The last of these were the final episodes.

Brit and Russian governments worked feverishly to enter into a strategic partnership; the villainous CIA the foil working to stop it. I admit that I have very little faith in our CIA, believing it was decisively turned by the Clinton regime into a political tool that visibly worked to  sabotage President G.W. Bush's foreign policy in league with leading Democrats.  Nevertheless, it is galling to see us pummeled by the Brits,  whose own secret services have harbored so many of the Philby ilk. 

Anyway, this is entertainment, and the final episode achieved what MASH did not, a finale that had some sweetness and poignancy.  Have there been any sereis that took such delight in killing all of the leading characters?  I liked it.  I could have done better though. I'd have done Harry. 

Now. I've reached that age (or maybe I'm singularly blessed)  where I can look at any woman, of any age, and see inherent beauty.  There are for me then, no ugly women.  Well, who weren't born ugly.  And even then,  inner beauty and personality can overcome. (Conversely, women who are nominally beautiful become ugly shortly after voting Democrat.)  Of all the girl agents in Spooks (MI-5), I'm saying that Ruth Evershard (Nicola Walker ) is the winner, all things considered.  Go figure.