Saturday, June 22, 2013

Words from my doppelgänger

The Enigma Debate
I can't wait until Obama's term is over. That will be our first opportunity to really find out who this guy is- without the interference of the media or the leftist minions
Res Ipsa Loquitor

I am not kidding when I say this. Dyed in the wool leftists often cannot grasp why government would lie. They simply give government officials, particularly "theirs" the benefit of the doubt. It defies belief. But in as much as they defend "theirs" they hate "yours." Leftists always think they know your agenda.

Hillary could care less who Bill screws around with- that was never important to her. What is important to Hillary is her ego and ambition. I have always believed the whole marriage, kid, thing was just a cover story for a Presidential run or two. There are now rumblings that in Hillary's upcoming book, she is going to disclose that she is bi-sexual. So after 4 decades, maybe the truth will come out.
Whenever I am debating an issue, let's say in the case of the Congressional Budget Office's allegation that this year's deficit will only be 642 billion, I stick to the facts. Generally what happens is this. a) Intelligent people realize when they are wrong or at the very least, when they have been mislead. They will go quiet. b) Every once in awhile, I actually have a decent back and forth discussion with an intelligent person without name calling. This causes me to re-think or reinforce a position with fact checking. It happened last week. c) Most often some ego maniac will start calling you names when you disagree with some unsubstantiated position that they have taken. When they start calling you names, you win. It is always that simple.

The single greatest conflict generator of my entire life is Barack Obama. I have never ever seen an individual more adept at lying than this guy. He is a pure professional. When I see his particular quality of deception- I am in awe. Even when caught in a lie,
The more I read, the more puzzled I get. Pieces and years are missing and then all of a sudden, a high school prom picture shows up.
Obama simply shuts up. Thus he gives the detracting side no credibility and no power- knowing full well the issue will fade. Benghazi, and where he was during that 7 hours, is a perfect example. He has never addressed the issue.

The reason that Obama causes so much conflict is because he is so damn good at being deceptive. Bush was a piker compared to this guy. Even ardent conservatives had to agree that Bush was a shitty liar. So Bush didn't generate the kind of entrenched conflict that Obama does. It doesn't hurt that Obama is black either. Supporters will often use the race card anytime they are losing a debate involving Obama.

I don't think I have ever researched anyone more thoroughly than Obama. I certainly have never researched anyone, anywhere, who is a bigger enigma than this guy. His entire life makes no sense to me.

Let me tell you a little story which will make sense once you think about it. Hillary Clinton, while in college, ... (thecivillibertarian  continied)

Loved it.

Baghdad Carney at His Best

Baghdad Carney

Jay Carney, living reincarnation of Baghdad Bob, was recently asked a pointed question about the scandals, failures, and lack of leadership his boss is responsible for. to wit
  • the disastrous "green" investments in colossal fiascos such as Solyndra,
  • the inability to use the word "terror" to describe acts of Muslim terrorism,
  • the illicit and doomed sale of guns to La Mafia Mejicana,
  • the stubbornly high unemployment statistics for blacks,
  • the unlawful targeting of conservatives by the IRS,
  • the indiscriminate archiving of personal electronic communications,
  • the permanent stonewalling on the Benghazi disaster ...
... and a host of other issues,  such as the classic embarrassment he brought upon us with recent speeches in Northern Ireland and Berlin.

He responded

At no time was the Obama administration aware of what the Obama administration was doing.

That, courtesy of Ron Metzger-ade Costume.But, wait! This reated video has been looking for a home, and this is it.