Saturday, July 27, 2013

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California Here We come - So start hiding

When Democrats are in charge                                               

California lawmakers are pushing a controversial, first-in-the-nation plan that would require private-sector employers to remove 3 percent from every worker's paycheck. The money would go into a new state fund with a guarantee that all withheld funds plus investment gains will be available for distribution at retirement age.

That solves the insolvent Social Security (and Medi-Cal) problem; just start another one.

Henry the VI, Part Two

California prison offering inmates $150 nightly 'Pay to Stay' rates

Some prisoner’s in Northern California are upgrading to better living spaces – but only if they’ve got the cash to pay.

How shy will the state be when it comes to (and it will) allowing medical workers to accept gratuities for "premium care?"


Detroit City

Meanwhile In Detriot: Men Are Impersonating Police And Robbing People At Gunpoint

Todays big fat post that my publisher demands of me to increse my gravitas, vitality, and increase my face time on Sunday shows to something higher than zero. A fools earnd, but I have to eat.

Res Ipsa Loquitor

If you needed another reason to avoid Detroit entirely, we have one for you: there are people impersonating police officers, pulling over civilians, pistol-whipping and robbing them.

Show me a city governed by Democrats for two decades or more, and I'll show you a city  in decay. Like Detroit.  Super Hero thoR~ sent me the link to that story, which in turn reminded me of this AmericanThinker article I earmarked a few days ago; Schadenfreude, Michigan, and Mitt's Big Fumble.  Mitt's entire campaign was a cluster-fluck.  Most of that was due to  media reporting his daily message through the prism of  charges, rumor and falsehood fed by the Obama campaign.  Still, this tale is representative of how GOP candidates handle those—by now expected— pressures; by junking their common sense to curry favor.   Will it ever change?  No.  Not as long as the legacy GOP control things.  If they are not in bed with the NY Times and the DNC. they act like they are.

After all, we both know that people in the Motor City, and the state of Michigan in fact, have brought this doom on themselves with their very liberal ballot habits of the past 60 years. Conservatives have warned them about it for at least several decades, to no avail. Hell, even a casual viewing of Gran Torino or the show Hardcore Pawn tells the story's inevitable end. This is a colossal "we told you so" moment -- and something Biblical about reaping and sowing comes to mind.

(Memo to Obama lo-fo's who just got offended: I know Detroit's problems started well before Obama was out of his choom days, but everything he has always stood for, and is still out pitching today on the campaign trail, has been the law in the city for decades. Thus, applied Obamanomics indeed.)
On the other hand, with the failure of the liberal mecca of Detroit imminent, and the reasons for it obvious to anyone not named Melissa Harris Perry -- or is it Melissa Perry Harris -- this financial holocaust was an amazing slam-dunk election issue for Mitt Romney and the Republicans in 2012. So what did Mitt and company do to take advantage of this real life and undeniable object lesson in applied Obamanomics and other leftist governing fantasies? Nothing

Actually, what the Republican campaign did was worse than nothing. Mitt and his campaign agreed with Obama publicly on his handling of the automaker bailouts. Romney knows better, with his deep background in business in general, and Detroit auto making specifically. Moreover, Paul Ryan, who also knows better, agreed with Joe Biden on national TV in the VP debate that poor ole Joe and Obama had "inherited" a mess from Bush and the Republicans. Ryan even let Joe "Bite Me" get away with taking credit for saving Detroit! Check the videotape in case you've forgotten.

Yes, in typical establishment fashion, the official GOP campaign shied away from the big and confrontational philosophical arguments about liberal versus conservative economic realities -- and instead ran to smooch up to the voters of Michigan in a careful and focus-group-tested way so as not to offend.

I do better with no words; only pictures. But, you know. 

Another Chicago Dem All-Star


Plantation Democrats
America's Burden

In this instance I suppose I can be labeled a racist since I am targeting a certain race of people who belong to a certain political party in a certain city. who do not, seemingly, have the brains that God gave geese.  But I love them all the same, . and I wish freedom. upon them.