Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sherrod and some woman commie mofo

Battlelines drawn on Fed chair decision

Sherrod Brown of Ohio, one of the Senate’s most outspoken liberals and a longtime critic of financial and trade liberalisation, circulated a letter among fellow Democratic senators this week backing Ms Yellen. Although it does not mention him by name, the letter, addressed to Mr Obama, was interpreted as an anti-Summers missive.

The choice of Mr Bernanke’s successor will be one of the most consequential of Barack Obama’s second term, with the potential to influence economic policy making for years to come. [Senate Democrats push Janet Yellen for Fed chair]

Sherrod Brown, still a little shit

When Sherrod Brown turned 7 years-old,  he was given an envelope and a package to open.  The envelope, from his grandparents, contained a $10 bill. Sherrod jumped in glee. "Mommy, will you take  me to buy the Che Guevara  tee-shirt,"  he implored?  His parents beamed and instructed Sherrod to open their gift.  It was a Che Guevara t-shirt.   "Oh mommy and daddy;" he cried," this is the best birthday ever!"

I know these people, so I'm pretty sure that happened.  Count on this at any rate.  If the, perhaps, senate's biggest leftist is drumming up support for Janet Yellen with the poseur, we know she must be an incompetent oaf when dealing with free market economies.  We  also can predict that Obama will give her the keys.   

The Castle

   At The Cinema                           

The Castle (1997)

The blue collar Kerrigan home is filled with love as well as pride in their modest lifestyle, but their happiness is threatened when developers attempt the compulsory acquisition of their house to expand the neighbouring Melbourne Airport.

The Kerrigan house is built in a largely undeveloped housing tract, on a toxic landfill, beneath power lines, and directly adjacent to an airport runway. Despite all this, sweet-natured family patriarch Darryl (Michael Caton) believes that he lives in the lap of luxury. Blissfully unaware of his family's lack of style or sophistication, he busies himself by driving a tow truck, racing greyhounds, and constantly adding tacky renovations to the house. The rest of the Kerrigan clan shares and supports his enthusiasm in every way.

One day, a property valuer arrives to inspect the house. Though he has no wish to sell, Darryl points out all the faults of the house, believing that the valuer is there to appraise the house for council rates. A few weeks later, he receives a letter informing him of the compulsory acquisition of his house for the sum of A$70,000.

The Castle is an  up-beat movie, and a jewel. The film took five weeks from original inception to final cut. The movie was written in two weeks, shot in ten days and taken to rough cut in two weeks. The name Kerrigan was chosen for the family so that tow trucks for the film could be borrowed from an existing Melbourne tow truck company with that name.  Clap Clap Clap (I watched on NetFlix.  Some F-Word Language.

IRS Comeuppance

Nullification Rules

"...the hollow sound of a wooden gong ... ." John Harold

Res Ipsa Loquitor
But opponents of sweeping nullification measures paint them as misguided, often politically motivated, and likely unconstitutional attempts to zero out reasonable and well-intended federal initiatives.

The assessment from the wolves in wolves's clothing (Politico) about states moving to nullify Federal law also contain this blistering charge from the Jim Brady Gun Nuts.

They are outrageous,” said Brady Center legal director Jon Lowy. “It’s disturbing that there are [state] legislators who are so willing to violate the [U.S.] Constitution but also that they have so little concern for public safety.

Oh My.

Politico buttress their campaign by saying, "And that’s not just coming from the left. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, argues that nullification is not the answer to states’ concerns" 

Heritage may or may not have said that, but no matter; the left miss the point.  After years of inaction when it came to protecting Tenth Amendment rights,  people are scared, fed up, and angry enough to take action.  The smarmy left will be wise to recognize it as a shot across their bow.