Tuesday, July 30, 2013

At West Point, the War on Men Continues

At West Point, the War on Men Continues

Contemplating a Coca Cola

This is Art

Do they Goose Step?

Hitler's Mustache               

IRS Now Has More Agents Than German Army

What they call spoofing

Spoofing (spoofing?) on the High Seas

Brain inventing isn't as good as the inventing where you get patents and make money, but on some cosmic level I'm sure it has standing.  I do a lot of brain inventing, and this was one of them.  Years ago I invented  a device that, when pointed at a Chinese,  or NorK  missile launch, would redirect  it back to start.  Or Mecca.  Same thing, I'd say.  PS - coming up with the idea is 95%  of the thing.

Palin, Where it Matters

Sarah Palin Senate Poll Finds Few Want Her To Hold Office Again

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I saw that last week and wanted to respond with the obvious, but couldn't be bothered.  Today, someone else did it for me. 

July 30, 2013



Historian Shelby Foote observed that nobody really knows what the rebel yell sounded like, but believed it was sort of a yip.  He once asked a Confederate veteran if he could replicate it and was told that you need to be in full run to produce it.  Since then the Smithsonian has unearthed an old reunion film where a group of old confederates do their best to reproduce it.  They were not at full gallup, but the best we'll ever hear I reckon.  H/T thoR.