Sunday, August 18, 2013


TECHNO THRILLS                      

Mr Coffee

Res Ipsa Loquitor Well, that's over.  We had a neighbor and friend who was celebrating his 70th B-day yesterday,  and I elected to do a video  life story.  Took 40 hours to do 10 minutes of tape.  Bur that's not what I'm wanting to tell you about. 

With a house full of company,  our coffee maker quit.  It was a Frigidaire piece of crap that  I bought from Woot a few years ago.  One of those deals where they try to add so many bells and whistles that you can scarce make coffee.  It was 1100 watts though.  I tell you that because as near as I can tell, the only variable in making coffee in one of these machines is the water temp.  We ran out and bought this Mr. Coffee at Kohls (for $79.95)  
1300 watts.  It has a feature I really liked on our old  Black and Decker machine, a removable water tank.  Anyway, this is the bottom line.

Been using Seattle's Finest coffee for quite a while,  so have pretty good tongue memory of what it tastes like.  The coffee made in the new machine,
using one ounce for 8 cups, is so superior to what we're use to that I am quite blown away.  And not just me.  All the guests volunteered the same thing.  Only thing I can think of is the 1300 Watts.  And the possibility that Frigidaire was a massive liar about being1100 watts?  Also, this morning I was going to heat the remains of yesterday's coffee for a quick cup before church.  Guess what? The coffee was still hot.  Not real hot, but warmer than warm. 

You're welcome.