Sunday, September 08, 2013

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... they done took that mile
San Antonio Passes Ordinance Banning Anyone Who Opposes Homosexuality From Running For Office, Receiving A City Contract…

The 8-3 City Council vote in favor of the ordinance was a victory for gay rights advocates and for Democratic Mayor Julian Castro, a top surrogate of President Barack Obama.

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Obama's still in the barrel

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Res Ipsa Loquitor


This analysis by Victor Davis Hanson is in today’s National Review Online.  It really gets to the heart of the problem.


If It Wasn’t Syria, It Would Have Been Something Else
By Victor Davis Hanson

Thanks Skoonj. Here's a crudely sliced summation of Hansen's article.

How did Obama get himself into this mess? It was bound to happen, given his past habits. All we are seeing now is the melodramatic fulfillment ofvero possumus, lowering the rising seas, faux Corinthian columns, hope and change, the bows, the Cairo speech, and the audacity of hope. Hubris does earn Nemesis

1) His inclination is to damn straw men, blame others for his self-inflicted errors, and spike the ball when he should keep quiet and become modest (cf. the bin Laden raid). [...] After five years of this, the world caught on, and sees juvenile and narcissistic petulance in lieu of statesmanship—and unfortunately a sinister Putin takes great delight in reminding 7 billion people of this fact almost daily. In terms of geostrategic clout, Obama has nullified the power of his eleven aircraft-carrier battle groups, Putin through his shrewd insight and ruthless calculation of human nature, has added five where they didn’t exist.

2)  Obama thinks in an untrained manner and for all the talk of erudition and education seems bored and distracted [...] —a) the “good” war in Afghanistan could have earned his full attention; b) the “bad” Iraq War was won and needed only a residual force to monitor the Maliki government and protect Iraq airspace and ensure quiet; c) the green revolution in Iran was in need of moral support; d) [...]

3)  Obama cannot attract top talent. Those from prior administrations who are gifted and worked for him or who were promoted by him [...] either were treated badly, not fully utilized, or ended up regretting their experience. Instead a host of mediocrities are recruited on the basis of either their partisanship, loyalty or demonstrated past lightness—an Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Timothy Geithner, Chuck Hagel, etc. [...] Hillary Clinton whose “what difference does it make?” fingerprints are all over the Syrian and Libyan fiascos wisely got out of town ahead of the posse.
Like Pruden (post below), V.D.H. sees the same two bad choices congress have.

" If the congressional vote is yes, the choice is cynically wasting a few American lives for a possible point, or killing lots more people for a more possible point. Not good choices."

Unlike Pruden, he hopes the vote if "NO." Obama has no more credibility,regardless.

When he's out of office for ten years, the media will reevaluate his presidencyala Jummy Carter and labeled "visionary".  His impeachment, and flight to Dubai to avoid a treason trial, called "a tragedy."

Judge Atkinson

Oh My

Psst, Barry. You like comic strip judges, right? . I know, he's British, but he can enter the country from Mexico and be immediately eligible. Chop chop.

A Man for All Reasons- for failure

PRUDEN: A legacy for Barack Obama

Res Ipsa Loquitor

A war nobody believes in, led by a man nobody trusts. If Barack Obama is still looking for a legacy, here it is. Everything about the Syrian dilemma stinks.

Bashar Assad is recognized by nearly everybody as the source of at least half the stink. But only half. The rest of the stench is supplied by the rebels. It’s tempting to suggest that Mr. Obama, who yearns for applause, deserves the dilemma.


If the president loses the vote, his credibility will be lost for sure and for good, but so will the credibility of the United States. For better or worse, the credibility of the president, any president, and the credibility of the nation are bound together. That’s what makes this dilemma particularly and spectacularly bad. This one may be a hold-your-nose vote to give Barack Obama his legacy.

Wesley Pruden is editor emeritus of The Washington Times.

Pruden's argument is, as always, compelling, sagacious, and USA!  It's also Old World Order.  The last two Democrat presidents were elected and reelected after synchronized syndication of messages, and suppression of facts by dominate media.  Obama is a farce, and the sooner he is removed, the better. While our constitutional model of government is still the best yet devised,  it has been badly damaged and requires a complete overhaul—and clearing of decks.  The US will, in the aftermath, have to re-earn international respectful fear and grudging admiration. Or continue on the track we're on.  In either case, the numbers of casualties will be pretty much constant, but not identical.

As I see it. 

Tiem for More Minimum Wage Scam

When Democrats are in charge                                               

Md. Democrats’ movement to raise minimum wage gains speed as election year looms

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Genetic distribution that cause a person to become and stay a Democrat (or socialist) also render them incapable of understanding basic economics. Undeniable Truth about Democrats #2

Even though I had an Econ minor in college, it was not until I experienced economics at the micro level that I fully appreciated the macroeconomics of minimum wage laws.

Our first home in Maryland was a scant half-mile from the gates of a large Air Force base.  Like most new homeowners we were house poor, counting every penny.  We shopped at a strip mall located opposite the main gate to the base.  Just when we had settled into a spending routine, Congress gave the military a pay raise.  Good on them.  What happened though, was almost simultaneous with that military pay increase came  across the board price increases in everything at the strip mall.  Food, hardware, liquor; everything.  And we noticed it with an acuteness only people who check grocery receipts with groceries as they're put away would. 

Demand and Supply are the Horse and Carriage of  Econ 1.   A fact that Maryland Democrats are incapable of grasping, or even caring about. To them, it's about timely gaming the ignorant class
(as Sandra Day O'Connor describes) of voters with meaningless, but quite harmful bunco.