Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama a hypocrite and war criminal

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Clucks Named Kerry and Obama

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German intel shows Assad did not order Syria gas attack: report
The tabloid Bild am Sonntag reported over the weekend that a German intelligence ship deployed in the eastern Mediterranean intercepted messages among Syrian officials that indicate Mr. Assad’s commanders went behind his back in launching the chemical weapons after he tried to block them.

McCain: Maybe Obama should go ahead and bomb Assad without Congress’s approval
A little taste of what might have been during a McCain presidency.
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McCain acknowledged the decision would be a difficult one for Obama, but  said of the GOP "They are not going to impeach the president. They’re not that crazy.”   McCain just days ago threatened  Obama's impeachmet  if "boots hit the ground," just after voting in the Senate to allow just that.  An as an aside, had McCain become president, I'm guessing he'd have eaten some bad brownies in 2009 and  President Palin  would never ever have made John Kerry Sec/State.

CIA Director promises to produce Benghazi survivors for Congressional testimony

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But Wait!  Secy Kerry tells congress he will not honor the request to make Benghazi survivors available for questioning. 
This once again casts light on the tension between the CIA and State Department over Benghazi.  In the immediate aftermath of the sacking  ...

That million man march?


‘This was parade suppression, pure and simple.’

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Blue Heron Blues

Lokalie Dokalie

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On July 12, a rainy Friday afternoon,a great blue heron who has visited our docks throughout the year became caught on the main pier. Her right leg was caught between two planks, and in attempting to free herself and fly away she broke her leg badly. After a number of attempts she freed herself and tumbled into the water, but was unable to fly because she couldn't push herself up and out of the water. As the tide began to drift her out I ran up to the pool and used a long-handled dip net to herd her around to the steps leading out of the water and onto the point. She then hopped inside the pool enclosure where Bob, Claude and I were able to confine her using pool chairs. In the meantime, Laura went home and began trying to contact wildlife rescue organizations, but none she talked to could take the bird. I was able to get in touch with a woman who has been involved in bird rescue for over thirty years. Bob, Claude an I were able to capture the bird, bundle her in a sheet, and drive her over to Terry's house in my car. We thought surely she would have to be euthanized that evening because her leg was so badly broken.

Terry called me later that night and said she had set Big Blue's leg and would keep her at her house until she felt it was ready for release back into nature. After a month Terry felt she was ready. We were ready to release it on a Thursday morning, but on Wednesday evening Terry called to tell me she had broken her leg again in the same place. She set the leg again and kept it for another month. Last Tuesday (September 3) Terry brought Big Blue over and we released her back into nature near the marsh. She has a waterproof cast on her right leg that we hope will give enough stability for her leg to mend totally. That said, Terry doesn't believe the leg will ever be back to 100%, but at least it is functional. She has been in our area since, spending time between the marsh area and our pier. I fed her some catfish one afternoon, and although she wolfed it down, I haven't been able to get close enough to feed her again. This morning she was down on our main pier and Sherrill tossed her a catfish from about 10 feet away. She promptly snatched it up and swallowed it. Today marks eight days since we've released her and she appears to be doing well. I looked at her eyes through binoculars this morning and they appear clear and sparkling, so I think she's in pretty good health. I've seen her fly a couple of times, which is a good sign because she didn't make any real flights in the two months Terry cared for her. And I've seen her wading in the shallows, so hopefully he's fishing for herself.

Boxed In

Oh My

Debbie Wasserman Test Cries FOUL!

The Litella Administration

The Litella Administration
A new error in U.S. foreign policy.

Didn't watch L'affaire «ligne rouge» speech, because I cannot stand watching Obama.  He's the only person I've ever seen who can prance about while standing still.  Did I say I can't stand to listen to his voice?  It's true.  Anyway, everybody knew the speech was delivered to give media talking points that  morning shows can use to keep the Lo-Fos from knowing what a goofass they have for president.  This Tranato column (excerpt) from yesterday tickled me, and says it all.

In a New York Post column, Rich Lowry puts it a million times more pointedly: "Now that John Kerry is the secretary of state, his gaffes can launch major diplomatic initiatives."
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi echoed the claim in a tweet: "Thanks to Pres. Obama's strength, we have a Russian proposal. We hope that it is credible and real, and therefore progress."

If Pelosi had any wit, she'd have tweeted that we have to bomb Syria so we can find out what's in it.

In a mordant way, it is fitting that this crisis seemingly ended with an administration gaffe, for that is also the way it began. Obama wasn't doing anything more than thinking out loud last year when he set a "red line" against the use of chemical weapons, but he trapped himself into making it U.S. policy, then demanded Congress and the world back it up. It's as if Emily Litella--the hard-of-hearing old lady the late Gilda Radner played on "Saturday Night Live"--were in charge of U.S. foreign policy. Only President Litella, on having her error pointed out to her, would have the good sense to say: "Never mind."

Come to think of it, the Litella analogy even explains that bizarre "Cheerios" comment we highlighted yesterday. What's all this fuss I keep hearing about military action against cereal? (James Taranto)

How to spend $100 a Day and Get Nothing

Starting - Next Month!

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Small business owners who thought they were off the hook for ObamaCare regulations until 2015 may be in for an expensive wake-up call next month.

Beginning Oct. 1, any business with at least one employee and $500,000 in annual revenue must notify all employees by letter about the Affordable Care Act’s health-care exchanges, or face up to a $100-per-day fine. [full]



Oh look honey, a Negro is playing quarterback.

Lightning-bolt me if I'm lying, but not once have I noticed (without it being pointed out by a broadcaster) the color of any quarterback's skin.  Ever.  This is why we have the most preposterously incompetent president in history; because the media are determined to show how race neutral they are that they pander race like a New Orleans pimp; and  mindless chumps that we've become,  we  buy into it.