Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Jerry Brown Aborts Himself

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They're eating themselves now.

Hillary and Mounds of Peter Paul stuff

Hillary! Because What Difference Does it Make?

Watching Hillary get a Liberty Medal on September 10, the day before the anniversary of the attack on the United States soil and the more recent murder of our ambassador and others in Benghazi, I think it's time to review the record of a woman whose life is marked by deceit and professional failure and ask about the sanity and judgment of her ardent supporters. Read more:

Clarice Feldman (American Thinker article) does a yeoman like job of covering Hillary's criminal past, the provable parts, but how much can a person cover when working under prevailing  "one-million words" restrictions?   She doesn't for instance mention the Peter Paul case.  (Clinton donor wanted by FBI in scheme to funnel money) Called then (and prolly still is) "the biggest campaign fund raising fraud of all time," the entire conversation, where Hillary participated  in the fraud as it was conceived and planned,  was taped by Peter Paul.  Taped!  Hillary's National Finance Director David Rosen was indicted  but Hillary skated.

In a ruling handed down today on whether Hillary Clinton should be given first amendment protection for civil frauds she committed to fund her US Senate campaign, a three judge California appellate panel, including two appointees by Gov Gray Davis who had worked in the same law firm together representing the ACLU, ruled that it would not allow newly released video evidence capturing Hillary in election law violations because ... Hillary’s “Crime On Tape” Protected By CA Appellate Court

Who knows about this?  Political junkies who read  news accounts of financial fraud.  That's pretty much it.  If you're a Lo-Fo television news viewer, nada!  Well, except for Fox News, which nailed it (Hillary Clinton Accuser Claims New Evidence of Fraud in Documentary). 

Just this week, this:  Exec pleads guilty in alleged 2008 scheme to help Hillary Clinton.   Her participation in the Benghazi massacre  cover-up is past conjecture, but if she was able to skip on the Peter Paul deal,  with all that DNA on her dress, nothing can stop her, because what difference does it make?


Impaling Vlad

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First of all, in Russia, don't try to paint Putin as anything other than manly, metaphorically, or literally. Here we see the painting that Russian law enforcement raided.