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Res Ipsa Loquitor

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Res Ipsa Loquitor

Black on White Crime

                                                          Provoking Racial Unrest

White Girl Bleed a Lot

America is the midst of an epidemic of racial mob violence and the media refuses to report it.

In my book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” I documented hundreds of examples of black mob violence in more than 70 cities big and small throughout the country.

Many of the episodes are on YouTube. I also documented how the media and public officials ignore, condone, excuse and even lie about this wave of lawlessness.


So here are (currently 395) links to racial mob violence throughout the country

  1. Chapter 36 and 37: Other attacks from around the country
  2. “What’s going on at the Country Club Plaza?”
  3. “Three shot on Country Club Plaza, Mayor James 50 yards away”
  4. “Police Say Fight In Rehoboth Beach Was Gang Related”
  5. “32 gangbangers arrested in hate crime roundup for targeting Whites and Latinos”
  6. “Motive Unclear In Attack By Group Of Teens On 16th Street Mall”
  7. “Police Seek Robbers In Baseball Bat Beatings”
  8. “Denver police grieve shooting death of officer at park jazz concert”
  9. “‘Borderline riot’ at Alabama Adventure theme park sends police in, park guests out”
  10. “Police Shut Down Wave Country Due To Unruly Crowd”
  11. “Fights in downtown Greensboro renew talk of curfew”
  12. “Downtown Greensboro ‘Flash Mob’ Beating Investigated By Police”
  13. “Police: No ‘flash mob attacks’ in Greensboro”
  14. “Reporters Attacked By Mob Of Blacks At IHOP”
  15. “$5,000 reward offered for arrest, conviction of park killer”
  16. “Vallejo city worker brutally attacked by mob”
  17. Family thinks teenager did not attack Vallejo worker
  18. Media censored seven hate crime mob attacks in Grand Rapids

,Editor’s note: Some of these links will have images and language that is objectionable:

This is not unplanned.  There is enough actual,and anecdotal proof out there to show that Obama and his Eric Holder have used their offices to foment black on white crime, and then excusing it— even to the point of quashing indictments—to a point where one can only conclude that it's policy.  I call it Helter Skelter, .after Charles Manson's plan to divide by causing race riots, and then ascend to power.  He was no less nuts than these two, and just as evil.  So far though, he's the only one to be tried. 

Rand Paul Scores


Res Ipsa Loquitor

Arguing federal workers should not get special treatment, Rand Paul says he does not want taxpayers subsidizing the personal health care plans of any federal employee — including Chief Justice John Roberts — anymore.

With some in Congress arguing lawmakers and their staff should not get subsidies to cover their health insurance as President Obama’s health care law goes into effect, the Republican senator from Kentucky told The Daily Caller on Sunday that he’s going to start pushing a constitutional amendment that goes even further.

Paul’s proposal — outlawing any special exemptions for government employees — would mean all federal workers would have to purchase health insurance on the new Obamacare exchanges instead of getting taxpayer-funded subsidies. Some critics say those subsidies amount to special treatment. The Obamacare health insurance exchange opens Oct 1. [Full]

Rand Paul is scoring—a lot. It will be fun to see what weasel arguments our protected class make, because this time I think even Lo-Fos will be paying attention.


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