Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Parrot

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I was at my local shopping centre when I noticed a Muslim girl with the most amazingly coloured parrot perched on her shoulder.

"Where did you get that from?" I asked.                                        

"Christmas Island, Australia! - There's f'king thousands of them!" said the Parrot.

And representing Obama- ACORN

                                                          Provoking Racial Unrest

U.S. $ponsors Event Featuring Ex ACORN Chief Trashing Whites

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Oh, the Humanity

President Obama and more than a dozen U.S. government agencies participated in a Washington D.C. conference that featured a keynote speaker—a black activist who headed the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)—who made racist remarks about whites.

It gets better; American taxpayers helped fund the annual event, put on by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), a group that aims to improve the socioeconomic circumstances of African Americans and other underserved communities. Each exhibitor paid $2,000 to participate in the yearly showcase which is billed as one of the largest gatherings of African American professionals. [...]

Bertha Lewis, the former CEO of ACORN, the famously corrupt community group with strong ties to Obama, took the stage. [Full Judicial Watch]

Lewis urged blacks to support increased immigration as a way to gain political power against whites. “We got some Latino cousins, we got some Asian cousins, we got some Native-American cousins, we got all kind of cousins,” Lewis said. “Cousins need to get together because if we’re going to be [part of the non-white] majority, it makes sense for black people in this country to get down with immigration reform.”

 Lewis continued: “Everyone, even all white folks in this country, acknowledge that in a minute, [the] United States of America will be a new majority, will be majority minority, a brand-new thing.” In 2012, “for the first time ever in history, African-Americans outvoted white Americans.

If establishing White Americans as the enemy is trashing, then that's what she's done. What a disgrace, but not at all surprising from this President. It's also a disgrace that ignorant, ill educated felons like Bertha Lewis are  the spokesmen Obama turns to. 

In the first place, that Home-Boy coalition she waxes on about is a contrivance.  Blacks hate Asian guts, because through industriousness they own much of the commerce in Black neighborhoods.  For their part, Asians sneer at Blacks, and refer to their welfare checks as "Black Gold."  Hard core West coast Hispanics hate everyone. Native American cousins indeed.  And her  “for the first time ever in history, African-Americans outvoted white Americans,"
is a purposeful lie, or more likely a product of her self imposed fecklessness and stupidity.

If it was Obama's intent to divide American along  racial lines, and it manifestly was, he's succeeded admirably. 

Two Things


Have Another Then

As seen


D-Day Art

Vajayjay Culture

The 'fallen' were left to be washed away by the tide at the end of the day
Res Ipsa Loquitor

A pair of British artists have created this stunning installation of 9,000 silhouettes on a D-Day Landings beach to mark international Peace Day.

The project, named, 'The Fallen' is a tribute to the civilians, German forces and Allies who lost their lives during the Operation Neptune landing on June 6, 1944.

The design was the brainchild of Jamie Wardley, 33, and Andy Moss, 50.

Together with a team of volunteers the pair travelled to Arromanches beach, Normandy, to create the silhouettes, which were individually drawn into the sand. [Full]

"Peace Day" sophistry aside, this is an excellent companion piece to the opening 30 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan." We are so used to the hyperbolical use of numbers that it takes pictures like those to drive home the horror of D-Day beaches, and 9000 casualties.

A curmudgeonly aside.  It is my misfortune that MoSup watches the Today Show each  morning.  Before I could skedaddle today, I was treated to  Matt Lauer 's segment "Zimmerman's wife holds her ground."  Evidently she is filing for divorce from the beast because, who knows; he broke the iPad with her evidence. She did mention that she'd  "lost 40 pounds, " and was ready to "move on."  Right.  Anyway, Lauer did his damnedest to get her to say that he lied about "targeting" the Trayvon thug, to no avail.  They just will not give up on this. But here's the linkage to Normandy.

I can see a  1940's Matt Lauer interviewing widows and mothers  every morning about how they feel about the death of their husband/son.  "In retrospect, do you  feel it was worth the loss of your loved one for this cause?"   Because that's what they've done during every war since Vietnam.  And it's why women feel that Liberals have their six. Sheesh.

cuzzin ricky

WWII in Color


Having ridden aboard ships built prior to or during WWII and having gone through various types of training for jungle evasion and survival, I gotta tell ya, those guys who rode those "tin cans" and "pig boats" and slogged through those Pacific Islands back then certainly have MY respect.  Tough sonsabitches.  And kids today bitch and moan when the A/C goes out or the batteries run down in their iPad.' - Eddie Lowenstein  via Metzger

Very early on there are sailors jousting about in a raft.  They look like Jr. High-schoolers. 

It's a sign!

Oh My

McAufful-tougher gun laws

Oh good lord ... 

Is is possible that several hundred thousand Marylanders from Montgomery and P.G. Counties have fled to Virginia?  How else could a shifty ex-Clinton enabler like McAufful even be in this race (he's+5)?  I mean, wtf? 

Virginia, under the stewardship of Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli built a thriving economy  second to none. And they successfully challenged Obama initiatives like Obama care.  The Tale of Two States says it all.

McAufful is a savvy politician and skilled con-man, so what does he know that would prompt him to see enactment of a Colorado style gun law in Virginia as a plus? Mayor Bloomberg certainly thinks he has leverage on McAuffle, and maybe he does?  Or, does McAufful have the election results in hand?  I'm just asking.

Here's the Richmond Time's endorsement "McAufful is the Better Choice"

"The good news is that both candidates for governor have offered plans for public schools. I've studied both plans closely, and I've concluded that Terry McAufful has the better plan to raise student achievement."

That's it?  A better plan to raise student achievement gobbledygook?  I fear Virginia is about to be Obama'd.   And I will have lost my escape hatch.

Motel 6, Mishawaka

The Humanity                        

Res Ipsa Loquitor

EVER stay in a terrible hotel? My worst was a hotel in Bombay (now Mumbai). The sheet had stuck to the mattress. I made the mistake of peeling a corner back. At once, hundreds of ants escaped. I did not pay the bill. This 4Chan member had an experience in Motel 6, Mishawaka, Indiana

These pics were taken at 3AM on a rainy night in Sept. 2013. Checked in after a 15-hour drive and was greeted with the grossest room ever. Left after 40 minutes to pitch a tent in the rain, and have not received a refund or any satisfactory action. Will never again trust Motel 6, and will make sure as many people as possible see these photos.

The TV remote control was enough to send me scurrying.  Is the Motel 6 chain still around?  Yes.  Yes it is, and so is Mishawaka #4412.  Since the above review was posted 25th, September,2013(yesterday), I'd say somebody Motel6 must be a lair.
Res Ipsa Loquitor