Friday, November 01, 2013

Appealing to MD Democrats to act like Americans

Hitlers Mustache, indeed.
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Senator Barbara Mikulski
Senator Ben Cardin
November 1, 2013

RE: Obama executive orders government to prepare for impact of global warming!

Dear Senator,

I am not naive enough to think you care about  the president's dangerous  dependence on the executive order to accomplish what cannot pass legislative muster, but perhaps this will strike home.

I am surrounded by Liberal friends (this being Maryland), and they are, for the first time since Obama was imposed on us, very very angry.  Especially about Obamacare, and that anger is directed at the democrat party.  So, if plain old concern over our democracy doesn't move you, I'm hoping the prospect of the GOP winning a super majority will. Don't laugh.

That would please me to no end, btw, but it would be more important to see some democrats question the validity of what this president does, or who he is, for that matter.  I think you will agree that if Obama was a republican president, impeachment proceedings would probably have begun with "gunrunner," and certainly over Benghazi. He deserves impeachment.  We'll settle for congress curbing his dictator's  mindset.


Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Schultz

A lost Leoanrdo

art is everywhere                                                

  Leonardo Lost

This is the utterly captivating story about trying to prove that a 18th century "sketch," that sold for $20,000 is really a 15th century masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci worth $100 million.  And, a year after the documentary was made, there are more surprises.  .

At he very least you will learn more about da Vinci's art than  you might imagine.

I know, and you're welcome.