Sunday, November 17, 2013

How stupids is Oprah?

OPRAH: Many Americans disrespect Obama because he's African American...

Racists Have to Die for Racism to End...
Oprah has moved from "willful ignorance," to  "stupid as raw cookie dough."

Insane Posse People

Saw a link in a comment this morning about Alec Baldwin.  Guy said Baldwin is "threatening to leave show business." 

"Threatening"???   Doesn't a threat strongly imply some sort of imminent loss, some kind of ominous danger?  Doesn't a threat include peril and an attempt to coerce behavior?  Hell, a threat is a kind of blackmail, facrissake.  I mean, what WOULD I do if the Great Alec Baldwin abandoned the entertainment business?  Quelle domage!  Je suis desolee.

Of course, on the other hand, I don't watch many movies, and last time I looked there were gazillions of them to choose from without Baldwin in 'em.  So, basically . . . mangez le merde, Alec.  And if you get a minute, chinga te.  As a matter of  fact, cago en su carrera cine.

Anyway, I clicked on the site and read it.  He's blaming just about everybody for the fact that paparazzi follow his ass around because he friggin reacts and comes up with explosive behavior, like punching photographers and calling people sluts and homos and so on.  Actually I think he's just hurt, pissed off, actually, 'cause his MSNBC show got cancelled after its ratings plummeted like an Abrams rolling out the back of a C-130 from 10,000 feet with no chute.

Tried to copy the link and paste it here, but it didn't paste.  Easy to Google, though . . . just Alec Baldwin threatens to quit show business.

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