Saturday, November 23, 2013

The right amount of excitement


Tommy Lee Smith

Too Much Excitement 

Not me up there.  Not ever again I suppose.  Sigh; the dream is dead.  Thursday— went late to the treadmill.  Working my way up after years of indolence, was scheduled for 6/10 mile run. Turned on the view screen, and lo! the second half of the 2002 NCAA BB  tourney game.  MD-U Conn battle for Final Four berth.   Way exciting.  Lonnie Baxter, Juan Dixon, Eric Hayes— Oh Yeah. I knew who won, but hate U Conn  and wanted to watch them lose again.  They did,  but JFC,  I had by then run 2.5 miles.  Heart beat into 170s, and sopping wet. No muscle machines this day, maybe never.  Went home and slept 4 hours.  JFC. Knees still ache.  Last night I watched the Terps play Marist whilst reclined in the Lounge-O-Matic with beer and  pretzels, the way god wants it. Feeling good here boss.