Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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David Brookses Major Award

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David Brooks' paen (sic) to presidential power is year's worst op-ed
So how do you energize the executive? It’s a good idea to be tolerant of executive branch power grabs and to give agencies flexibility. - David Brooks

David Brooks, the New York Times token "conservative Republican" (you and me are right wing terrorists) wins this year's "worst op-ed" award.  I happened to read, or start to read, this very column last week, but was unable to force my way past  Francis Fukuyama.  The Washington Examiner's Gene Healy did get through it, and has bestowed upon it this year's "worst op-ed"  award.

It might strike you as counterintuitive to imagine that a president with a drone fleet, a “kill list,” dragnet databases of Americans' personal information and increasingly arbitrary authority over health care's one-sixth of the U.S. economy has too little power -- but that's how you know you're in the presence of an original thinker. Sign Up for the Politics Today newsletter! We suffer from “reform stagnation,” Brooks laments. It's too hard to push through “immigration reform, tax reform, entitlement reform and gun legislation” via the archaic "Schoolhouse Rock!" method outlined in Article I of the Constitution. [Gene Healy]

The thing is, all you have to do is visit Newsbusters to find, on a daily basis, a dozen better candidates for written or spoken  nincompoopery (Barbara Walters Warmly Recalls Holding Fidel Castro's Gun In Her Lap). Just stab me in the liver, and be done with it.

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