Thursday, March 06, 2014

Code Stink


I was  brutally assaulted by Egyptian authorities.


Send this letter to the Egyptian government with our demands

Just the other day I hopped on a plane to Egypt, eager to join the international delegation of 100 women headed to Gaza for International Women’s Day. Little did I know I would be stopped at the Cairo airport, detained, held overnight in a cell, then in the morning brutally assaulted by Egyptian authorities. They threw me to the ground, stomped on my back, handcuffed me so tightly they dislocated my shoulder, and then deported me to Turkey.

Now the Egyptian authorities are blocking most of the remaining delegates from entering Egypt and traveling to Gaza. It has been frustrating and disappointing for us, but we cannot forget that almost two million Palestinians remained trapped in Gaza while the Egyptian Rafah border remains closed or tightly controlled.

What happened to me was trauma

It’s hard to know what exactly is true in Benjamin’s story and what is made up. Benjamin is an anti-American, neo-communist drama queen. Her whole adult life is a study in media manipulation.

A serial exaggerator, it is Benjamin’s mission in life to focus the eyeballs of humanity on herself in order to draw attention to the ugly, radical causes she supports. Malibu, California-based Code Pink, a nonprofit corporation whose formal name is Environmentalism Through Inspiration and Non Violent Action, was created as a so-called women’s “peace” group. Although the group engages in choreographed, often goofy street protests involving public toplessness, fake blood, and oversized effigies of political leaders, it is a serious extremist organization that aligns itself with America’s ruthless enemies abroad. [FRONT PAGE]

Putin-Show Me Your Boobs

Horribly True


Nasty animals and a Nasty woman

Coons and Commies
(because it's snappy)

Man Held on $25,000 Bond for Killing Raccoon

Joseph Amico, 26, faces animal cruelty charges for hitting a raccoon with a 2x4 in Coconut Creek.

This is what I'm talking about. Watch full RACCOON NATION on PBS (Intro video above).   Most of us (Americans) have never spent a day on a farm; our idea of hardscrabble life is having to put up with geezers with full carts in the express checkout line.  Cruel punishment?  I don't think so, cruel punishment would be stringing the creature up and making it listen to Nancy Pelosi.  But this isn't close to being the most bizarre thing I've seen over the past few days.  This is.

"I just want everybody to have a little historic perspective. I'm not making a comparison certainly, but I am recommending that we perhaps can learn from this tactic that has been used before ..."

Sarah Palin? Michelle Bachmann? No.  Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Freaking Rodham Clinton compared Vlad Putin's actions to Hitler.  Well, duh.  Putin may not be a National Socialist, but he is a movement Communist.  What of Godwin's (supposed) Law?" First one to use 'Nazi' or 'Hitler' loses?  When did that find it's way into the culture?  That's right; after people began comparing Obama's marching goons and programmed school children to the Nazis. Probably the first taste we had of Alinsky (demonize, ridicule, and discredit) from Obama.   What a joke.