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Mohammed Pedro Whitaker is Kansas City Highway Sniper.



The Pawn

Oh My

Western States Begin .....

Res Ipsa Loquitor

  Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, was flanked by a dozen participants, including her counterparts from Idaho and Montana, during a press conference after the daylong closed-door summit. U.S. Sen. Mike Lee addressed the group over lunch, Ivory said. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington also were represented.

The summit was in the works before this month’s tense standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing, Lockhart said.

"What’s happened in Nevada is really just a symptom of a much larger problem," Lockhart said.

Fielder, who described herself as "just a person who lives in the woods," said federal land management is hamstrung by bad policies, politicized science and severe federal budget cuts.

"Those of us who live in the rural areas know how to take care of lands," Fielder said, who lives in the northwestern Montana town of Thompson Falls.  [... FULL]

Here's the bones for my new novel.  That, above,  might be chapter one.  The rest, purely fiction of course.

We were the greatest nation ever.  
2 You know where we are today. Obama has administered the coup de grĂ¢ce to our body, already gravely wounded by post Nixon government.
3 Two choices.

a. Remain wholeall 57 statesand continue on this course.  Or

b. Expel from the union all states in the utter thrall of Liberalism, thus creating two nations; each free to trade with one another, but governed separately.
4 We are still the greatest people.  A new United States, strictly obedient to the original United States Constitution and Ten Bill of Rights will be reconstituted.
5 In due time the outcast Pox Amerika,  continuing their course of tyrannical government, and corrupting social experimentation, must suffer fatal moral and fiscal bankruptcy.  One by one, then, each will revolt.  One by one, each will apply for readmission to the Untied States. One by one each  will be evaluated.
6 In less than 100 years we will be whole, and free again.  And kick-ass.

Aside.  The Communist Party's (CPUSA) utter infiltration of labor unions in Oregon and Washington, during the 1930s, have a lasting legacy that makes both less than good partners in any restoration.  There is, however, a good chance that,  faced with  the prospect of honest government, they would bolt to California.

North Korean *snort* Marathon

Some concepts are impossible to take seriously, let alone visualize.  This is one.

North Korea's Marathon: A Rare Chance to Tour Pyongyang on Foot

Nanodots and Seawater

TECHNO THRILLS                               


A battery that uses nanotechnology to charge your smartphone in 30 seconds may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but an Israeli startup claims to have created just that.
StoreDot unveiled its battery charging prototype Monday at Microsoft's Think Next conference in Tel Aviv. [Full]
It relies on bio-organic nanodots, tiny conductive crystals that help enable rapid charging. I don't know nothin' about machinery, but I wonder if this technology could somehow be applied to electric car batteries?  I mean, I'm no eco freak, but wow, a breakthrough like this would pretty much relegate the  middle east sand oil industry to buggy whip status.  Just a pipe dream though.  But who care?  The U.S. Navy is making jet fuel out of seawater!  USA UAS USA! 

Railguns aren't the only thing the U.S. Navy is bragging about this week. Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. announced they have successfully turned seawater into fuel.

When your car runs out of gas, you find a gas station and fill it up. For ships and planes, however, there aren't any stations out in the middle of the ocean. Instead, the Navy's vessels are refueled by oil tankers that come to them.

All of that will change in the future. By extracting carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas simultaneously from seawater, and then using a catalytic converter, scientists created fuel that looks and smells pretty much the same as regular ol' petroleum-based fuel.

The advantages of seawater-based fuel is twofold. First, the ships don't need to be redesigned in order to use the new seawater-based fuel since it's basically the same. Second, the ability to create fuel from all that water around aircraft carriers means less dependence on oil. The U.S. Navy envisions ships will be able to create their own fuel for themselves and for planes. So long oil tankers!

"Game-changing" as the breakthrough is, the U.S. Navy says ships that generate their own fuel from seawater aren't going to start sailing the seas anytime soon — they're at least ten years away. For now, the U.S. Navy's scientists are focusing on how to produce larger quantities of seawater-based fuel.

AFP, via Digital Journal

I wonder if Obama has given all of this technology to China yet?