Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pumping Iron?

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We Have Liftoff

I remember this scene, from the Once Upon a Mattress episode of the 1980's series Saint Elsewhere,  as one of the top 2-3 funniest things I've ever seen on television.   Dr. Fiscus was played by Howie Mandel, and remember, this was a drama about a hospital.   Here's a synopsis of the scene ....

Allow me to summarize the Dr Fiscus sub-plot of this episode. In the previous episode (After Life) Fiscus was shot and experienced an out of body preview of the afterlife and was brought back by open-heart surgery.

The character of Fiscus was a clown (like wearing an examination glove on his head like a cock's comb during surgery), but after his near-death he is a sober, somber man. Having the med students come in to examine his scar just depresses him further. Add to this, the fellow in the bed next to his is in for a penile implant ("It's for my wife, you understand...") who votes for the inflatable implant, rather than the 'goose-neck' model ("Nothing's too good for my old lady...")

After the surgery, with Fiscus still drowning in self-pity, the roommate announces that he's going to "Take this baby out for a test-drive!" and pulls the curtain between them shut. From behind the curtain, Fiscus hears "Fwish, fwish, fwish" and the roommate's amazed comment of: "Wow! My wife's gonna LOVE this!" "Fwish fwish fwish" "Holy Cow! That's amazing!" Fiscus is sitting up higher and higher in the bed, reacting to the sounds and comments emerging from behind the curtain.

 "Fwish fwish fwish" "Jeez! The old lady ain't gonna BELIEVE this!" "Fwish fwish fwish - BANG!" "OW! OH! OW!" Fiscus reacts in shock, and then begins to laugh, holding his aching ribs as the curtain pulls aside and the roommate displays the paper bag he's just popped. "Gotcha!" he grins, and Fiscus is in tears as he laughs and suffers the pain of his incision... Great TV
(IMDB commentary)

Going back to that scene, I was reminded yesterday that I still had no idea about how penile pumps actually work.  There were some brainal visions of a man in the bathroom with a tire pump, but the whole thing sounded quite contraptionary. 

Why yesterday? Last night I was scanning You Tube's "Popular Videos," when up pops what can only be described as  a side of porn film-full length.   WTF?  I thought YouTube was the last bastion of PG video.  I did do a bit of browsing of the "Life Guide" to "21st century sex"  series.   This series, however, actually has some pretty interesting stuff, and the people parading around as "doctors" might actually be, because a lot of the people are quite plain, and even unattractive.  This is an extremely explicit
case historyPoor guy.

What Rule of Law?

Oh My

I annex Crimea and get away with it


But, Wait!

I stole the US and got away with it


Light Switches. Who Knew?

Oh My

But Wait!  You want Bizarre?

The Money Box

art is everywhere

The Damndest Thing You'll See Today

How artist Randall Rosenthal turned a block of wood into a box full of cash

I feel so small

Connecting the Dots

Connecting Dots

I've been getting e-mail from an entity called Connectivity.  This morning I opened one.  Turns out that it's a Roll Callventure.  Roll Call is of course a news paper "Covering Capitol Hill Since 1955."  Because the congressional seat of power has pretty much been a Democrat bailiwick (until Newt), like most news organizations covering the "Hill," Roll Call's Rolodex is, I'll guess,  pretty much a Who's Who of the Democrat party.  Their point of view then has been, in my observation, DNC centric.  So, even without  this preamble I'll guess that most readers will come immediately to the same conclusion after reading this blurb *he said jumping up and down*. 

Lunch Links: Net Neutrality, Email Acquisition, Google+ Hangouts

internet-open-650-430 The significant online coverage of net neutrality has not spilled over into traditional media channels, the Pew Research Center has found. Studying 23 newspapers and 30 news programs, Pew researchers found only a handful of mentions of net neutrality between Jan. 1 and May 12 of this year. The issue came up only 25 times over 2,820 news broadcasts on network and cable TV — and six of those mentions were on (Algore's) Al Jazeera America.
Was I right?  My reaction is here—in, invisible ink. You stupid twats.  Of course the traditional media are not going to rail against anything the freaking Democrat party supports!!! Sheesh!