Monday, July 21, 2014


Oh My
 is he a teenager already?

Happy son  #2 Birthday
His  mom's looks and brains; my irascibility 

Making the best of things

Oh My

 This is real time fun .  I'm in for some tests and this is Tricia , the tech that does my pet scan. She's quite pretty, and over the past two years we've become familiar - in a proper way .    Since it takes 45 min for the dye to insinuate itself., I asked her to belly dance for me.  Life is good.

Agents provocateurs

I should make a sign that says Democrats for Romney. Just as truthful. Reminds me of when GHWBush was speaking at a college as an ambassador to the UN that Noam Chomsky suggested that instead of protesting his presence that they should instead dress up as KKK and have signs that say they support Bush and sit in the audience. It was effective.