Saturday, August 02, 2014

Have you seen these?


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Before walking away from the reporter, (Joan) Rivers said "You know Michelle is a tranny." When asked to confirm her eyebrow-raising statement, she said, "A transgender. We all know. It's okay."

LOL.  But this is the one that tickles me ....

It's the Globe, so it must be true
 (I think it is)

Only 15?

Virgin Sacrifice

Back in the 1950s, C.S. Lewis saw chastity as under attack with "all the contemporary propaganda for lust that makes people "feel that the desires we are resisting are so 'natural,' so 'healthy,' and so reasonable, that it is almost perverse and abnormal to resist them."

You can now safely delete the word "almost."

Today virginity isn't a virtue but a burden. Chastity is a freak show and anyone who chooses to keep it is a carnival barker. In today's entertainment world, weirdos -- especially sexual weirdos -- drive a juicy plot, so virgins are in vogue, as a target or merely as an anthropological curiosity.

MTV has a new reality show called "Virgin Territory" where four young participants explain their "very tumultuous journey" in the "tricky world of virginity." MTV sells it as pathos: "Whether they're trying to lose their V-cards or keep them safely tucked in their pockets for as long as possible, being pure is really starting to grate on them."


Yes, I know.  And I'll do my time in purgatory (or worse) for it.  But this is beyond the pale.

If not now, ever?

 Tap Tap Tap

If the U.S. Constitution requires “high crimes and misdemeanors” to justify impeaching a president, talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh reasoned on his program Thursday, would nearly 2,000 illegal actions be enough to qualify?

Limbaugh quoted a July 29 Washington Post article by Juliet Eilperin – whom Rush called “so in the tank for Democrats it’s impossible to categorize” – that nonetheless reported the Obama administration has put into force 1,800 “technically illegal” executive branch regulations since 2012 alone.

“He’s acting outside the authority granted him by the Constitution over and over and over again, and yet, Republicans say his behavior has not risen to the level of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’”
“Over the past 2 1/2 years, the Obama administration has published hundreds of rules – on how wheelchairs should be stowed aboard U.S. aircraft, how foreign trade zones should be regulated, how voting assistance should be provided for U.S. citizens overseas and so on,” Eilperin reported. “There’s a problem, however: Technically speaking, these and about 1,800 other regulations shouldn’t be in effect, because they weren’t reported to Congress as required.”

In fact, according to Eiliperin’s report, Robert Cramer of the Government Accountability Office explained Obama’s failure to report the regulations to Congress is a “technical violation” of a 1996 statute and said, “The law says they can’t take effect.”

Nonetheless, they have.

“Since 2012, this administration has simply implemented nearly 2,000 regulations they didn’t report to anybody except the enforcement agencies. Two thousand!” Limbaugh exclaimed. “President Obama has just created 2,000 laws without Congress and without telling Congress. High crimes and misdemeanors!

“He’s acting outside the authority granted him by the Constitution over and over and over again, and yet, Republicans say his behavior has not risen to the level of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’” Limbaugh continued. “They’re just bending over every which way possible to try to convince people that they don’t hate Obama.”

Nancy Pelosi, Certifiable

What's that word?

In an unusual breach of decorum, even for the divided Congress, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi chased Rep. Tom Marino across the House floor, taking offense at comments by the Pennsylvania Republican during debate on the border funding bill Friday night.

“We don’t have law and order,” Marino began as he wrapped up his comments on the border supplemental. “My colleagues on the other side don’t want to do anything about it.”

“You know something that I find quite interesting about the other side? Under the leadership of the former Speaker [Pelosi], and under the leadership of their former leader [Rep. Steny Hoyer], when in 2009 and 2010, they had the House, the Senate and the White House, and they knew this problem existed,” he continued. “They didn’t have the strength to go after it back then. But now are trying to make a political issue out of it now.”

Off-mic, Pelosi then approached Marino, crossing the aisle in view of cameras, and apparently challenged Marino’s assertion that Democrats did not do anything about the issue when they had majority control.

“Yes it is true,” Marino replied directly to Pelosi, who was House speaker in those years. “I did the research on it. You might want to try it. You might want to try it, Madam Leader. Do the research on it. Do the research. I did it. That’s one thing that you don’t do.”

Marino then urged lawmakers to support the border supplemental “because apparently I hit the right nerve.”

After Marino concluded his remarks and as many Republicans applauded their colleague, Pelosi crossed the chamber again in view of cameras, enraged, pointing and sticking her finger at Marino.

She then followed Marino up a Republican aisle, gesturing and arguing with him. Lawmakers on the GOP side gathered in dismay as one spoke out to tell the chair that the House was not in order, in an effort to halt the bickering.

Pelosi finally relented after Republicans tried to get between Pelosi and Marino, and she returned to the Democratic side of the chamber. The House then promptly voted to approve the $694 million border supplemental, 223-189.

*ABC NEWS UPDATE: According to Pelosi spokeswoman Evangeline George, “Leader Pelosi just wanted to remind the Congressman that House Democrats had the courage to pass the DREAM Act – and have the courage to stand up for what the American people want: bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform.”

Oh, right.  Insane. 

A Tale

Now, I don't much like Putin.  He's hard-core KGB with a Gestapo approach to diplomacy.  Wouldn't trust him as far as I could wad him up and drop-kick his ass.  But that pic on the upper right says a LOT about the machismo level of our Presidunce.

And you KNOW that reaction was instinctive knee-jerk . . . not posed or planned in any way for public consumption.  Hell, his mate seems less intimidated by the force and takedown than Pak Pansy-Ass does.

Bottom right is the definitive display of his leadership skills.  What would Teddy Roosevelt say about those two pics?  Or even ELEANOR Roosevelt.  Hey, I'd LOVE to hear what Shrillary would say about 'em.  Might learn a new word or two.  Ron Metziger Hatdance

Ron expresses sentiments seen here, and all over the web for that matter.  Putin is still hard core KGB; but to Russian nationalists he's Ronald Reagan.  Obama, on the other hand