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The Independent Voter



                                    Unity With The Lesser of Two Evils

                                 by Jen Kuznicki

Conservatives know that there are dark days ahead for the country and the world while America is weakened by such men. Some may vote for the lesser of two evils and some won’t, but unity with a party that crosses the line of how they treat their own base, giving preferential treatment to who is supposedly their enemy, just ain’t gonna happen.

I left the Michigan Republican Party in early spring when their new tack was to nationally embarrass any social conservative left in the party.  I left suddenly embarrassed to be seen with them.
So, now is the grand time of the election year where the calls for unity fill the email boxes and stump speeches, and I am having a difficult time figuring out how the Republican Party has any integrity at all to come and beg for my, and anyone else’s, vote.

I’m mindful that the Democrat Party is really, really awful.  They try to get elected by saying their Republican opponent will take away the poor’s welfare and they’re a bunch of racist bigots.  But then, the Barbours in Mississippi on behalf of Thad Cochran said the same thing about the conservative running against them in the primary, so I guess I’m confused, how can I say the Democrats are really awful, and not our own liberal leadership?

Not many mention that they treated human beings as if they are nothing more than slaves of the government.  They said, vote for Thad Cochran, because McDaniel will take away your food stamps and Medicaid, meaning, the Republican who will keep you from breaking out of welfare is the only type of Republican suitable for you.  Thad wants you to stay in your place, and your place is staying on the government dole, since you are unable to do better.

That is not what a conservative thinks.

“They said, vote for Thad Cochran, because McDaniel will take away your food stamps and Medicaid, meaning, the Republican who will keep you from breaking out of welfare is the only type of Republican suitable for you. Thad wants you to stay in your place, and your place is staying on the government dole, since you are unable to do better.”
A conservative believes that, given the chance at bettering themselves, a person will, as long as it is not easier to choose to let others do it for you.  That means, if welfare pays more than work, you can’t expect more people to choose work.
I want nothing to do with a party that tells people that their lot in life is to stay a victim of government.  Welfare should be a hand up when times are impossible, but it should not be a way of life as Thad Cochran’s ads admitted.

I went to a nearby tea party meeting last week, and sparred verbally with my State Representative.  He and a paid staffer to my Congressman argued that the tea party should unite with the Republican Party, because we need to win in November.  But then, when they say win, they mean the election, not the fight.

Of the things we discussed, my State Representative had been called to the carpet for voting for an increase in the minimum wage.  Members of the tea party and conservatives like me had scorched him and others for doing so.  But he said, “but, did you know what the Democrats wanted?”  The Democrats, predictably, wanted a higher minimum wage than the Republican-dominated House and Senate gave them, and that is why we can’t all get along. (continued)

Posted by Mark Levin; forwarded by skoonj.  We're in good company.

Roosting Chickens


The American Left: Friends of Our Country’s Enemies

“In his book Antisemitism and the American Far Left, historian Stephen H. Norwood ends his tome by noting that since the 1960s, the American far left has echoed both extremist Palestinian propaganda as well as the old Communist anti-Zionist positions of the 1920s and ’30s, demonizing Zionism and “condemning Israel with increasing fervor…and calling for its destruction.” The Left think of themselves as secular democrats, while in reality they work to empower the forces of radical Islam that “would replace Israel with an Arab dictatorship unwilling to extend rights to minorities and women.”

The American Left used to be patriotic. In its heyday, Eugene V. Debs never attacked America, and the socialist vision he advocated was in his eyes a way to realize the promise of America. As for the American Communist Party, in reality the tool of Stalin’s USSR, it pretended in the 1940s to be pro-American, and its chairman, Earl Browder, coined the slogan “Communism is 20th century Americanism.” This pretense came to an end during the Cold War, when the Left supported the Soviet bloc and all of its policies, and argued that America was in the process of becoming a nascent fascist state.

The remnants of the ’60s New Left identified with America’s new enemies, especially North Vietnam, Communist Cuba, the PLO, and, in the ’80s, Sandinista Nicaragua. After 9/11, many of its adherents took the position that the United States had the terror attack coming to it, since the perpetrators had taken 3000 lives in protest against America’s imperial ambitions and control.

The left-wing of the Democratic Party is not happy. Baker interviewed Phyllis Bennis, who works at the far-left Institute for Policy Studies (not, as Baker describes it,“a research organization for peace activists”). The NYT does not let its readers know that Bennis herself is a person who believes that Israel’s very creation was illegitimate, and who supports “the right of return” and has previously criticized moves taken by Israel against Hamas. As for the IPS, as one can find at Discover the Networks, during the Cold War it was a major group disseminating Soviet disinformation and working to push the United States to the far left.
This led Michael Walzer, the social-democratic intellectual, to pen an article called “Can There Be a Decent Left?” Walzer courageously took on many of those on his side of the spectrum, hitting them for accepting the “blame America first” doctrine to explain foreign policy defeats; for not criticizing any peoples or nations in the Third World; for believing in what he called “rag-tag Marxism”; for failing to oppose dangerous jihadists and Islamist states; and for refusing to blame anyone else for the world’s wrong except the United States.

I wonder what Walzer would write today if he examined his article anew. If one looks around at the Left’s response to Hamas’ actions in Gaza and its attacks on Israel, and its view of Islamist fascism in countries like Iran, Syria and among the ISIS forces seeking to take over Iraq, it is clearer than ever that the Left has one function — to support the enemies of democracy. Operating in the United States, Britain and France, the Western Left takes the opportunity to speak freely in the democracies in which they live, to openly support and express their solidarity with democracy’s most fervent enemies.

Some would question why this Left, perhaps numerically small in terms of the entire population of the Western nations, is so important. Aren’t they really marginal? The answer is that in the United States, as well as in Great Britain, the positions of the far left have now become mainstream, and influence those in political power. So it is with the Democratic Party.

On these questions, the answer of the left-liberal wing of the Democratic Party, and the even further far left-wing base, makes the Democrats as an entire group unable to take any steps that endanger their electoral chances, unless the party’s leaders continually kowtow to the leftist base. They fear that if they took tough interventionist positions that would offend them, it might lead the Left to opt out of voting in the coming November elections, as well as not rallying behind whomever the Democrats pick as their candidate for the 2016 presidential race. There are, of course, some exceptions. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is one Democrat who has continually called for tough measures against Iran, much to the consternation of others in his own party.


Recent polls already have shown that most Democrats have already turned against Israel, and only 31 percent think Israel’s war with Hamas is justified.  Hence the Democrats fear not going along with the Left. Unless they appease the far left in their own ranks, previously mainstream Democrats will fear electoral defeat, and hence many will respond positively to far left appeals and protests. The Left’s marginality will not matter — what they think and call for has entered the mainstream.

 It appears someone ignored writings on the wall

I Be Robbed


Proverbs 26:11 and Mitt Romney


As the Republican Party searches for a way to win back the White House after Barack Obama leaves the stage, could the nation be turning towards Mitt Romney? Recalling one of Mr Romney's biggest blunders during his doomed 2012 presidential bid – questioning whether or not London was capable of hosting the Olympic Games – this might sound absurd. But there are surprisingly good reasons why a Romney return might not be all that crazy.


Ride to the rescue?   From what? 

It's the Democrat Party on the brink their greatest political defeat since 1980.  A few weeks ago I noted a similar story on Drudge, about maybe reconsidering Romney.  Aha!  There we have it.  Romney to rescue the GOP from GOP conservatives  (aka teapartiers), who threaten their cozy relationship with the  Democrat Party.  I can imagine the Telegraph's man in Washingon drinking Scotch with a GOP lobbiest and
Voila!this pap.  There will be more, because the GOP are bankrupt when it comes to people with stiff backs. So, here's where I stand.

I have in the past threatened not to vote in any presidential election where (1)Bob Dole, then (2)John McCain, and then (3) Mitt Romney headed the GOP ticket.  I might actually have stuck by my guns in McCain's case had Sarah Palin not emerged as his mate.  But no.  In every case, as prophesied in Proverbs 26:11,  I ate my vomit after rationalizing that, bad as they were, Clinton and Obama were downright deadly.

This time, I have been to the cave and met the varmint.  There are no half measures that will begin to undo what Obama hath wreaked.  I'm looking for someone who promises (by past performance) to clean house.  At the moment only Sarah Palin and John Bolton come to mind as worthy.  We'll see. And it's not that Romney is all that bad (on paper).  It's that him getting the GOP nod means the GOP have again prevailed, and this GOP are little more than ushers for the DNC devil.

Say Amen.