Friday, September 05, 2014

Media Crap

POLL: One-third of Americans would take 'under God' out of pledge...
 but, then ...
POLL: One-third of Americans approve of Obama's performance

Be it on your heads, for whatever good that does the innocent


Fasten Your Seat Belts ...

  When Liberals Are In Charge (or even have a voice)                    



   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest


Police have released chilling CCTV footage of what they are describing as a 'hate crime', where a group of men have viciously assaulted a couple from behind.

The assault took place on Friday, August 22, 2014, at South Ave. in Springfield, and the victims are reported to have sustained serious injuries after they were assaulted by multiple black males.

The police in pursuit of the group shown near the end of the video failed to catch up to them,

CCTV footage released by Springfield PD

Daughters Dating Democrats

Today's Best Ever

The royal hedges ...


I liked Joan Rivers (RIP) because she always made me laugh.  This is one of her last digs at the rich and famous.

“Just saw the BOTTOMLESS photos of Kate Middleton!! Pretty, but she should trim the Royal hedges.”

And that coincidentally ties in with this.

I'd say that this marks the end of the "Brazilian" craze that more or less made adult women look like adolescents down under.  Ahem. 

Do something to offend a multiculturalist retard today

    Liberal Culture                   


In Rotherham, England, 1400 young girls were routinely raped over more than a decade while authorities turned a blind eye. Why did they turn a blind eye? The authorities were so concerned with multiculturalism they could not bring themselves to do anything about a systemic and widespread culture of rape gangs in the area.

We have already reached a point in this country where secular society will drive people from jobs based on their religious convictions and rejection of secularized-pseudoscientific bullying. We have a society where people can have wacko ideas, but so long as their values do not offend the ever more pervasive multicultural political correction of the age, they’re golden.
The gangs were, if you read most press accounts, Pakistani men. In fact, there were Bangladeshi men, Afghani men, and others involved. But you will not find many references of the word “muslim” except in pieces warning about a possible backlash against the muslim community. This New York Times piece is a good example. The words “muslim” and “Islam” do not appear, just “[t]he victims identified in the report were all white, while the perpetrators were mostly of Pakistani heritage”.

Ironically, the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, said the monstrous crime went on so long because of “institutionalized political correctness.” People would not take action because they did not want to rock the multicultural boat. Anyone who dared do so would be labeled a racist. Even now, despite Theresa May’s statement, the press dares not use the “m” word. (Oh, there is more . The Huffington Post has hired Donte Stallworth as a “fellow”.)

[Brer Rabbit has been trying repeatedly to get the Tar Baby to greet him back, but it doesn't. So Brer Rabbit threatens it]

Brer Rabbit: Look! If you don't say "howdy" time I counts three, I'm might bust you wide open!

Uncle Remus: [narrating] But the Tar Baby, he don't say nothin'.

[Brer Fox and Brer Bear watch from the brush on the other side of the road]

Uncle Remus: [narrating] And Brer Fox, he lay low.  (Song of the South; 'nuff said)