Monday, September 08, 2014

Sen Shot after Mugging!


Thomas "Mann Act"  Mann

Tom Mann may well be Washington D.C.'s Boswell, Jr. (if there's anyone who has documented the daily mundane goings-on in the nation's capitol the past several years (must be a half billion pics alone), or knows more about the city's lore, step forward and be recognized.

 Anyway, today this story about Sen. John Stennis being mugged and shot in the district.  What's notable is the rather gentlemanly way, by today's standards, the desperadoes treated the senator.  Compare "Now we're going to shoot you anyway," with "We be smokin' your white ass now anyway, chump."  The city has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Also of interest is a story about how Baltimore's Mayor Tommy D'Aleasnadro Jr. tried to stop the construction of Dulles airport, and this picture of him, his wife, and 
succubus daughter Nancy with  JFK.