Monday, November 03, 2014

Morton's Salty Ad

Mad Men Run Amok
Updated 1920 Morton Salt Print Ad

updated retros

I think mine is kinder


When Progressives are in charge                            
American Bowzy-Wowzy

London: 1908 Olymics At the opening ceremony, American shot putter Ralph Rose, the US flag bearer, refused to dip the flag to the royal box because, "This flag dips to no earthly king."  With a few exception that practice was repeated by American Olympic delegations until prior to the 1936 Hitler Olympics in Berlin, " the tradition gets codified for the USOC — it's not just the athletes doing it, now there's an official policy After 1936, we never dip again." (LA TIMES)

Of course since 2008 the United States president, Brock Ebola, has dipped himself to every monarch he's met  (with the exception of Britain's queen), showing particular displays of fealty to Islamo nabobs. 

It's funny how one thing will send my mind racing to other things that have no apparent relationship.  The below, seemingly unconnected event produced all that.