Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snip and Save;Putlocker

Free TV                                 

We've been watching things on Free TV and Putlocker, and last night, I tried to fire up Popcorn Time, and it wouldn't work.  So.... I tried to download other versions, none would load.

I contacted a friend down in Cuenca, and he had run into the same problem..... he found that, if you scroll down on the Google search page for Popcorn Time downloads, there is a new version out there:  that works like a charm.  The selection is GREAT, as is the quality.  A nice, new feature is:  If you go to TV shows... they have future shows listed for series, that haven't been released yet (Mad Men, Justified, Ray Donovan, True Detective, etc.....).... you can't watch them, but they are listed.

Also, we have already watched the entire new season of Downton Abbey (except for the Xmas episode), on Free TV ( ) far as we know, it hasn't been released by PBS for viewing in the States yet.  My friend in Ecuador tells me that some people have told him (as they have told me) that once you locate a program and try to view it, the services try to load crap on your computer...which you have the option to load or not..... NEVER load anything.

For each episode of Downton Abbey, we used the Vodlocker server, and it never suggested that we download anything.

Also, we are finding MANY movies (the good versions) on Putlocker, that are still in the theaters.  Sometimes, they may have foreign language subtitles, but a few minutes into a movie, and you become unaware of them.

Cuzzin Ricky