Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WWII; Last Heroes

The Last Heroes                                 

There seem to be a never ending series of WW II documentaries, which is good because I watch them all. If you haven't watched  World War II: The Last Heroesdo. The setup is a bunch of very old (natch) Brit, Canadian, and US vets remembering what stuff was like in the last year of WWII (ETO).  The archive footage is blended with reenactments that are persuasively real.  In fact, I think the first D-Day  episode rivals the Saving Private Ryan invasion sequence for pure pulse beating drama.  Five Stars, and God bless these men.

ASIDE  I watched on Netflix, but you can cobble it together, or test it, here.   By the byand we've discussed this beforebut it's impossible to watch WWII film without thinking about how  AP, or CBS, et.al., would report a lot of it today.  As a United Press correspondent, Cronkite covered the landings in North Africa and Sicily, the Allied invasion of Normandy and the subsequent battles across France and Germany.  Reporting was controlled back then, but left to his own devices would he have declared the War lost, on June 7, 1944. and had endless interviews with bitter widows, and parents? Of course the answer is no.  This was was very much about saving Stalin from Hitlerto some (he said with very little hyperbole).

When you marry a woman too young for a bra

today's fatwa
The punishment for riding on the same bike as a boy

The Islamic State has made clear its justification for the rape and enslavement of non-Muslim women and children with a color-printed pamphlet “Question and Answers on Female Slaves and their Freedom,” being distributed in Mosul.

Armed men handed out the pamphlet in the militant occupied Iraqi city on Friday after sunset prayers, several residents told CNN on Saturday.

The document explains the terrorist group’s policy on having sexual intercourse with female slaves — even those who haven’t reached puberty — citing the Koran for justification.