Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And sometimes the bear eats you

B1G Hoop Thoughts



It's fun being a Terps hoop fan these days.  Been a long time. Men's team ranked 8th, women 7th.  Especially nice since the B1G sportswriters picked the men to finish 10th.  Anyway, the comment of the week comes from the Michigan State Spartans game thread during their blow-out loss.

Maryland and Rutgers

They’re like those kids that your mom made you invite to your birthday party. You have no animosity towards them but you wish they’d just go home.

The thing is, I completely understand. To this very day I think taking FSU and Georgia Tech into the ACC screwed it up.  Never did think of them, and those who followed,  as anything but outsiders.  It will be 50 years before the Terps are accepted in the B1G.

While I'm at it, here's a comment from the Terps board that corresponds with my thoughts about ACC-B1G refs.

Finally.  Yes, I am concerned about Thursday's game at Indiana. They look very Terpish to me. 

Bond Films



 "Seagram's Vodka Martini Stirred, Not Shaken, With a Dash of YooHoo."

My standard for all Bond movies is From Russia with Love, the best and last of the genre before the comedy writers took over.  After Live and Let Die, where Jackie Gleason played the cartoonish redneck Sheriff  Buford T. Justice,  I've not paid to see another, and even eschewed most television offerings. 

Fast-forward about 20 years.  Earlier this month I watched Daniel Craig (the best Bond?) in Skyfall, and thought it well done.  So I tried Die Another Day (Brosnan) and found it entertaining.  Hmmm. Sunday I rolled the dice again with an earlier Brosnan, The World Is Not Enough. The screen caps below say all that needs saying about this clunker, where the Brits team with Russia to foil a plot to nuke an oil pipeline. Success depends on top Russian nuclear physicist Christmas Jones, as unconvincing a nerd as Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor. And that was supposed to be funny (but wasn't). 

Top Russina Nuclear Physisist Dr. Christmas Jones (Denise Richards) in The World Is Not Enough

Of course Bond eventually pleasures her in the fadeout as M watches the infrared heaving on her monitor. Oh my.

But, that's not what prompts me to do this posting.  Last night I watched the newest Rowan Atkinson Bond parody,  Johnny English 3 (clip).   Not only is it the best (I actually laughed out loud three times), but I found myself thinking, "Hey, if this was released as a James Bond film it would  ranked among the best."