Saturday, January 24, 2015

Scorsese/ Bill Clinton Impasse

       Truth they'd expect ...

Martin Scorsese's Bill Clinton Documentary Shelved Over Creative Control

Legendary director and 42nd President postpone HBO project after wrestling over interview questions and final cut

What your grandparents expected would follow

According to New York Times, Scorsese and Clinton are butting heads over their interviews Frost/Nixon style, with the Goodfellas director unwilling to relinquish control of the questions and their content.

Considering the strong possibility that Hillary Clinton is planning her own presidential run in 2016, Bill also reportedly wants input over the documentary's final cut to ensure nothing that can harm her campaign is aired.

Scorsese, for his part, is cognizant of the fact that in their push to get Obama elected in 2008, the media ended it's embargo on Hillary Clinton's sordid past that would have left almost anyone else with several decades of federal prison time left to serve. The truth is then, "already out there."

Some Salon guy ....


Tea Party spawns GOP nightmare: How it’s already ruining the party’s ’16 strategy
GOP elites want Americans to think the party's boring and safe again. Maybe someone should notify the Tea Party

Salon article.  The author Elias Isquithrevels in the discomfiture the Tea Party are causing the Democrat Party wing of the GOP.  He makes some good points, but his bias is obvious as this Algorish "scientific consensus" blather shows. 
Or if you’d rather look at the Senate, where the aforementioned McConnell is nominally in control, think about Wednesday’s vote on climate change — namely, whether it exists and, if so, to what degree it’s humanity’s fault. While it’s true that only one senator, Mississippi’s Roger Wicker, felt compelled to disagree with the contention that the Earth’s climate is warming, most Republicans voted against a provision that would credit human mankind with “significantly” contributing to the problem. That is, needless to say, wildly at odds with scientific consensus across the globe (Ahem); and dismissing the conclusions of essentially all of the world’s qualified scientists is yet another thing your nice neighbor-accountant would be unlikely to do.

To be fair, the Senate vote on climate change wasn’t something Republicans in the Senate forced on McConnell. Instead, it was an example of the kind of thumb-in-the-eye procedural move that the Senate’s now-minority Democrats will be able to pull off every once in a while that has no legislative significance but can, at its best, make the difference between the parties crystal clear. All the same, whatever short-term damage Democrats were able to inflict on the GOP paled in comparison to that which it brought on itself, in the form of Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe’s contention that those who think anthropogenic climate change is a reality are disrespecting God. Which is, again, not the kind of talk the GOP establishment wants to hear during this current, boring-is-best rebrand.

Inverted Soufflés

art is everywhere                                                   

While on stormchasing expeditions in the Tornado Alley in the USA, I have encountered many photogenic supercell storms. This photograph was taken while we were approaching the storm near Julesburg, Colorado, on May 28, 2013. The storm was tornado-warned for more than one hour, but stayed an LP [low precipitation] storm through all its cycles and never produced a tornado, just occasional brief funnels, large hail, and some rain.” –Marko Korošec Marko Korošec / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest / Via

Cuzzin ricky links us to Photos That Won Awards In 2014.  They are taken by amateurs.  The cloud formation above is technically called "Inverted Soufflé"  and is caused when thermal wind clouds are jiggled suddenly by Arctic winds blowing in from a cold place.  I am of course also amateurish.  My second favorite is “First Time,” a rare and touching picture of an actual virgin on her wedding day.  And the groom's "do" is priceless. Rehearsal Party is I think a cruel farce, and wasn't included.