Friday, January 30, 2015

Scott Walker's Roosting

Forget what the polls say. Polls this far out are notoriously worthless in predicting Presidential nominees. Right now Scott Walker is sitting in the catbird’s seat for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.

Virtually everyone who is contemplating running for President in 2016 or who has ever contemplated running for President in their life went to Iowa last weekend but unless you were a regular reader of RedState you would have no idea that anyone other than Scott Walker delivered a speech. This is just one indication of how thoroughly and completely Walker has stolen the early show from the other nominees and sucked all the oxygen from the room.

But Walker’s domination of the first 2016 cattle call isn’t the reason that he has to be considered the favorite right now. The simple fact is that Walker is the only candidate in the field who has already won what could be considered two national elections.

Much has been made of the fact that Walker has already won essentially three tough elections. This is true, but it undersells how Walker’s electoral experience differs even from other candidates in the field who have successfully won bruising statewide elections like Chris Christie or Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)82%. Running for elective office involves successive levels of difficulty – and more importantly, scrutiny – especially in terms of the media. A hard fought state legislature race involves less media poking and prodding than a tough U.S. House race, which involves less than a Senate race, and so on. As Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich so ably demonstrated in 2012, no one who hasn’t won office at least statewide should really attempt to run for President because the increased glare of a national race tends to wilt those who are not prepared for it.

Walker, on the other hand, has not just won statewide races in a blue state. He has already been through the gauntlet, at least twice, of being the number one national target of the Democrat apparatus. He has already felt the full fury of having Democrat and union operatives trail him around to every campaign stop, recording every word, and digging up every detail on his life possible. His recall election was especially impressive because he was, nationwide, the only Republican target on the ballot at the time it occurred. He has already faced bogus prosecutions by politically motivated prosecutors and every other government hack under the sun.


Of course it's not a question of good versus evil, because evil in this instance believe they have a moral imperative to be evil, which in their minds make them the good.  And, of course, there are the GOP cross-dressers to contend with, but for now I'm exultant that Walker is  cock of the walk. 

Sharyl Attkisson:Enemy of the State

Police State         

Word Salad

and ilk

... is worth 1000 words

"This ‘toon neatly take his acolytes to task on his insistence in calling a spade an excavation tool:"

Parsing of words.   Like a buncha fledgling linguist professors with their brandy-new degrees.  Sheeesh!  Watching Earnest and Schultz (not me, the shithead on MSNBC- Ed) tapdance their way out of calling Taliban terrorists terrorists is like watching a wannabe-engineer explain to a kindergartner the basic difference between a rock and a stone.

 All I could think of is what the rest of the world must think of us when the human delivery system for PotUSthink gets his merds all wixed and strumbles over the semaphoric features of his anatomy while making absolutely certain not to call a terrorist organization a terrorist organization.

 Schultz was carefully prepped by close advisors to Soetoro and made to memorize the euphemism du jour for terrorist groups.   But his humanity and common sense almost got the better of him when he tried desperately to say that the Taliban is an armed insurgency which merely performs acts similar to terrorism and only in Afghanistan while a true terror group such as Al Qaeda performs precisely the same acts but on wider scale, those acts being killing children, bombing buses, murdering innocent civilians, persecuting Christians, hating Jews, and so on. 
 Poor guy’s gag reflex almost got the better of him, but he finally managed to re-swallow the mouthful of vurp and chant the mantra, like a 3rd grader reciting his lines on stage in the obligatory Thanksgiving skit.

 I got to thinking what derogatory nouns and adjectives I can use to describe the incumbent quack.  Came up with some doozies, too, such as poltroon, dastard, libertine, miscreant, enfant terrible, and two I’ve used before that for some reason don’t get much attention, even from FoxNews:  jackanape and popinjay.

 The creep is indeed a bĂȘte noir, a dabbler, even after 6 years of on-the-job training.  He’s a trifler, a stagnant neophyte, a still-rank amateur, a business buffoon, a diplomatic dud, and a domestic debacle.
 Aside from the standard descriptors I’ve used on him for several years now, such as arrogant, incompetent, unqualified, inept, intransigent, ineligible, and all those, he’s also pompous, pretentious, insolent, vengeful, bombastic, obdurate, disdainful, and downright supercilious.

 He’s a proselyte, a dilettante, a jerk, and a klutz.  He’s a liar, a menace, and a Muslim dressed up in taqiyyah.

Home Runs

Battered Bastards of Baseball                                 

When Portland, Oregon, lost its longtime minor-league affiliate, Bing Russell-who briefly played ball professionally before enjoying a successful Hollywood acting career-bought the territory and formed a single-A team to operate outside the confines of major-league baseball.

When they took the field in 1973, the Mavericks-the only independent team in America-started with two strikes against them. What did Deputy Clem from Bonanza know about baseball? Or Portland, for that matter? The only thing uniting his players, recruited at open tryouts, was that no other team wanted them. Skeptics agreed that it could never work. But Bing understood a ballplayer's dreams, and he understood an audience. His quirky, unkempt castoffs won games, and they won fans, shattering minor-league attendance records. Their spirit was contagious, and during their short reign, the Mavericks-a restaurant owner turned manager, left-handed catcher, and blackballed pitcher among them-brought independence back to baseball and embodied what it was all about: the love of the game. (C) Netflix

Rotten Tomatoes Rating 5 STARS

This is a real gem.  As an aside; Bing Russell's son is actor Kurt Russell who is married to Goldie Hawn, both of whose movies I like.  When all of Hollywood was dumping on Bush 43 after 9/11, he and Goldie had the guts to appear on O'Relly's show in debate.  Both came across as honestly concerned, and both were amenable to considering other points of view.  Later I discovered that Kurt is (or became?) a Libertarian who, he said,  was "told by people that there are people who wouldn't work with me because they were afraid of my politics." 

All that aside
boy, girl, man or womanyou will really like this film.

Baby Killers and Consequences

    Liberal Culture                   


Warner Todd Huston 

Abortion activists are taking the next, logical step in their justification of abortion by agreeing that, yes, abortion kills a human baby, but… “so what?” It is just the next logical step in abortion apologia that results from the end of the Christian philosophical influence in society. But we don’t see that end affecting just abortion. We see it throughout society.

Whether leftists like the idea or not, the United States of America was conceived as a Christian nation. Not a Catholic one, not a Muslim one, not a Jewish one and not a secular one, but a Christian nation built solidly on the Christian ethos. Every state initially formed with a particular flavor of Protestantism as a state sanctioned religion and our entire culture was fueled by the twin influences of Christian philosophy and the Scottish Enlightenment.

It is certainly true that our form of government is essentially secular in that it is not guided or controlled by any particular religion, but the ethics underlying those governments where heavily informed by Christian ethics.

The left, though, has been angling to destroy the underlying Christian ethos since the turn of the last century as academia and the left became imbued with communist and socialist propaganda.

The efforts to destroy the bedrock principles upon which the nation was built began under the destroyer of our education system, John Dewey, who, along with famed “History” professor Charles Beard, worked to tear down America’s founding principles and replace them with socialist-inspired anti-American ideals. (And they succeeded, by the way.)


A regular theme of mine.  It is, or ought be, a no brainer that nations which share a common language and religion are more stable.  In our case it was English and Christianity.  Din't matter if you were agnostic, atheist or just going along to get along; everyone gained by the common dialectic and guardrails by osmosis.  Agent provocateurs like Madalyn Murray O'Hair, to name just one,  who argued "tyranny of the majority" have won.  So now it's tyranny of the minority.  How's that working? 

Looks promising