Monday, February 23, 2015

Woman beats of men ..

                               this just in


Woman beats off ruffians at Domain Registration Center

An unidentified woman was entering the Olympia Domain Registration Center, just minutes before closing Friday, when she was attacked by a group carrying "STOP KISP" signs.  She told police she had forgotten to renew her web page and "had to get it done today."  Her attackers were evidently members of a leftist hate group from nearby Evergreen State College.   When two men in the group grabbed her from behind she responded with what one onlooker described as "a scene from the movie Crouching Tiger."  When others in the group piled on, they were also quickly disabled by a series of chops and kicks to the face and groin. Eight of the group  had to be medevaced to Seattle Medical Center where ....

Maybe this is why SondraK's site is down??  Anyone?