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The Stu Tarlowe and Skoonj machine offer this:

We've been awash of late in seemingly irresistible comparisons between Barack Obama and appeasement's poster boy, Neville Chamberlain, the man who in 1938 sold out Czechoslovakia to Hitler in order to preserve "peace in our time".
Here's a piece in today's American Thinker by Jeff Lipkes, which says, "Let's retire Neville Chamberlain's umbrella."
Lipkes is by no means the first to suggest that the Chamberlain/Obama comparisons are flawed (I've been among those pointing out the distinction between naiveté and evil intent). Nor is he the first to compare Obama to Andreas Lubitz, the suicide pilot/mass murderer of Germanwings Flight 9525 (see The Big Cheese, Friday, March 27, 2015).  Read the entire AT piece. But the first part of it is mere set-up, a bit of a history lesson. Here is the "money quote":
But let’s remember that Hitler never chanted “Death to Britain.”  Hitler had not organized terrorist attacks on British forces, nor were his proxies killing civilians across the world.  He did not proclaim that the annihilation of a British ally was “non-negotiable.”   And he was not a militant believer in a political religion whose followers had twice invaded and ravaged Europe, a religion whose followers today profess their disdain for Western values and Western culture.

Like Andreas Lubitz, the President knows what he’s doing.  He does not believe the Iranians, the world’s third greatest oil exporters, are interested in generating nuclear energy.  He does not believe the mullahs will fail to cheat on any agreement, or fail to use the revenue flowing in with the lifting of sanctions to fund global terrorism.  He does not believe that there will be much will to re-impose sanctions on the part of countries profiting from trade with Iran.

What the President is depressed about as he takes the country lower and lower is America’s arrogance and America’s role as a neo-colonialist exploiter.

The prospective agreement with Iran is not appeasement.  It’s suicide.

At least we have 85 days to break through the cockpit door, not 13 minutes. (Stu)

“If you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis within a discussion thread, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in.” The original Godwin
I'll go further than Jeff Lipke and say that the Obama/Chamberlain comparison is entirely baseless.  Yes, both were bad leaders, but at least Neville Chamberlain, like many Progressive leaders, had a "good heart."  He was however, like the others, just plain stupid.  Obama?  Let's sum up this way.

There are none among you who can say you ever heard about Godwin's Law until Obama came along. And when you did it had been modified to read “If you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis within a discussion thread, you’ve automatically lost the argument”

That's because comparisons to the Obama administration and the Third Reich are so abundantly similar that they ought scare the hell out of even his Liberal backers, and certainly Hollywood
JINO.  Obamunists had that meme in their holster from day one for a reason. Even there, however, Lenin/Stalinist was probably the better comparison, but the media have since the 1920s ignored Communism, so Hitler has the better monster recognition.  Plus, Chamberlain wasn't born and educated in Berlin,  and he was a Christian.  Okay, like Obama he did also hold British  citizenship.

Time Bomb



Jenny was flat clobbered. Gary was cheating on her. How had she missed it?  Even as their sex had been flat lining, her condom purchases for Gary (he would never use them is she didn't) had, if anything, been increasing.  She was acutely aware of that fact because of the embarrassment she still felt at the Safeway checkout when the Trojan Bareskins were scanned.  Her first instinct was to confront him and send him packing, but that would only serve to facilitate his plan to break off their relationship; he was such a coward about relationships.  No, she wanted him to hurt.  And she wanted that bitch he was screwing, Brenda, to suffer like she was suffering.  As it happened, it was to be so easy.  DNA.

She got the idea while following the O.J. Simpson trial.  An article in Time speculated that DNA databases were being established by law enforcement, and one day everybody's would, like fingerprints, be computerized, indexed, and available.  She stayed with Gary for another few weeks, silent, and even enjoying their occasional "pokes," as Gary called them.  Afterwards she secreted the condom away in the freezer. 

Jenny found a degree of satisfaction, even humor in his concocted excuses for getting home late, or for his sudden out of town sales seminars (semen-ars, she thought).   There were 5 condoms left in the 12 pack.  When they were used, she left him.  Jen wept when she told Gary she was breaking up with him; a nice touch that, and not without her feeling some genuine emotion.  She told him she knew he wasn't gong to marry her anytime soon, adding that "her clock was ticking."  Gary was shocked of course, but did nothing really to dissuade her.  Was there someone else, he had  asked?  She assured him there was not. He seemed relieved, probably because he hadn't been cuckolded.

So now she drank her coffee and scanned the newspaper, actually surprised that the time had crept up on her.  Wow, it doesn't seem like 20 years she thought, a scant smile forming on her lips.

I'm seeing way too many crime stories.  This just popped into my head during Black List last night,  which by the way is the new best television series ever!